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Jun 24, 2012 02:42 PM

La Jolla rec ... seafood ... anniversary ... July 7 ...

Sorry for not doing a search first, thought this would be easier if I was specific ...

Parents 50th anniversary ... party of 7 ... my parents, my wife and I and our two kids aged 16 and 20 ... and my brother ... so, seven adults ...

My mom wants seafood ... so a seafood place or a seafood/steak place ... not thinking "ethnic" for this meal, so straightforward "American" fare ...

My dad is insisting on treating ... my mom said "don't worry about prices" but I know my dad, he's very careful with his money ... so I'm thinking entrees in the 20-25 pp range, maybe 20-30 bucks per person ... something like that ...

We're staying in La Jolla and dinner is on Saturday night July 7 so I'm going to try and make a reservation maybe tomorrow or Tuesday ...

None of us are traveling with anything close to formal, so nice jeans/slacks with golf shirts is the fanciest we can go and at that we'd probably prefer if it casual is acceptable (but no shorts and flips flops -- if you know what I mean.)

Thanks in advance ...

PaulF (usually posts on LA boards)

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  1. It's about $10. per person more expensive than what you have in mind, but other than that I think Eddie V's fits the bill perfectly. If you are ok with a more casual menu, George's Ocean Terrace would fit within your price range.

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    1. here's a good thread. Fishery in Pacific Beach might fit your requirements.

      1. I second Alice and Foodiechica's rec of Eddie V's or George's at the Cove on the ocean terrace in La Jolla...sorry cstr. ; -)

        LJ Shores restaurant is oceanfront and another options for more casual..
        Make reservations quickly.

        Happy 50th to your parents!

        1. 50th... Only happens once, and not that often.

          If it was me, I'd call and make reservations at the Marine Room. Explain the situation (dad insists on paying) and ask if they can print menus for the table with "adjusted" prices and then give them your credit card in advance where you can pay the difference. I'm sure they will work with you.

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          1. re: aafflyer

            Maybe for drinks and apps but the Marine Room for dinner is not what it used to be imho..
            To much wild game, to much fluff and not enough substance..never seen a menu so overplayed.
            Sometimes simpler is better.

            1. re: Beach Chick

              More than half of a 50th dinner is atmosphere and the friends. Also consider the couple married 50 years and what there age is. I think the Marine Room is a gooda choice. I have been there three times in the past year (all for one of their cooking demo's by Bernard and Ron followed by dinner of the food they demo), and the evening was fun and for the most part the food very good to excellent.

              I know you did say "IMHO", but perhaps you should give it another go.

              I still think for the celebratory nature of a 50th dinner (which I've been to my in-law's 50th), the Marine Room could be a good fit. Of course there are other good choices offered here. My main point is it is a special night, and the poster can take steps to take $ off the table in terms or restricting choices.

              1. re: aafflyer

                I've been going to LJBTC and the Marine Room for many years and yes, I adore the little French man.

                Like the view and feel its fitting for a 50th anniversary but not the food.

                I am not impressed with the menu and haven't been for several years.

                If I go now, its to the High Tide breakfast, apps and drinks in the bar.
                I do miss their lunches..and they should bring them back since what good is an ocean view when its dark and you've got a couple flood lights

            2. My brother likes Jake's in Del Mar.

              Any thoughts?

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              1. re: PaulF

                Had one business lunch at Jake's - some of the worst food I had in SD over the last 10 years

                1. re: PaulF

                  Since you haven't yet settled on a spot, I would also suggest the Crab Catcher on Prospect. Prices more in line with what you're looking for and the food is pretty good overall, though not at the level of Eddie V's or George's.


                  1. re: bizzwriter

                    Had recently another business dinner at Crab Catcher and they only had one entree below $30 which is way overpriced for the quality of the food we had at that night. Even people who are normally not so interest commented how expensive the food was for the quality

                    1. re: honkman

                      I have to agree with honkman. Crab Catcher is very overpriced/expensive and they use really inferior products (specifically crab).

                      1. re: foodiechick

                        They have a big ol' rental payment to make..
                        ;- )