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Jun 24, 2012 01:43 PM

Buying Lentils du Puy...

Hi- I've been looking online for lentils du Puy actually from France, A.O.C.. I've found plenty of places that sell them, usually Sabarot brand, and generally a 1lb-ish box is around ten bucks. BUT... and it's a BIG BUT... is that the shipping prices from these places are absolutely RIDICULOUS. The shipping is usually more than the lentils themselves, and that's just on the cheap end. Some places charge up to $20 to ship!

So... if anybody has any recommendations for places that sell these lentils without shamelessly robbing their customers blind, I'd love to know. I'd really like to try these little guys... they're supposed to be amazing. Thanks!

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  1. what places have u tried?
    usually has good prices and not very expensive shipping

    1. So you have any little gourmet food or kitchen-ware shops in your area? Because that's where I've purchased imported French lentils in the past - & at more than reasonable prices.

      In addition, a number of supermarkets now carry them, if not in the dried bean aisle, then in the gourmet/imported food aisle.

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        I've bought "French green lentils" plenty of times from the bulk and packaged sections in grocery stores, but they're usually actually harvested in the US. They're great, but I'm looking for the actual A.O.C. protected variety that are actually grown in du Puy (volcanic soil, no fertilizer, yada yada)... apparently the non-authentic varieties don't even come close to the real ones.

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          And Kalustyans didn't have them... they had the "French style," aka grown in US variety. The places I've checked have been through Amazon... one was in SF, one in Miami. I'm sure they're probably available in NY or LA. I'll just check one of those places the next time I happen to be there, or if I hear of a friend who's going to Europe, I'll have to hire them as my lentil mule :)

          1. re: popvulture

            Again - check out small gourmet shops if you have access to any. The last time I bought them, that's where I found them. And they were authentic du Puy's imported from France.

        2. We buy lentils du Puy bulk in a local organic food store. What I would like to buy without paying too much are beluga lentils, that is the small black lentils.

          1. Many of the Whole Foods markets have set up bulk dried "bean bars" and they do have Puy lentils at my local store...but I don't know if they are the "real" ones. You may want to check.

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            1. re: BeeZee

              I really doubt they're the imported ones. Those are really pricey, & are always packaged. No way imported French lentils are going to be in the bulk bin.

              1. re: Bacardi1

                Do you know what the difference is between the domestic lentils du Puy and the imported French lentils du Puy?

                1. re: John E.

                  Actual lentils du Puy are grown only in du Puy... it's a protected region (AOC - Appellation d'origine contrôlée) just in the same way that champagne can only be from Champagne, alongside various cheeses, countless other stuff.

                  "French green lentils" that you buy in America are basically the "sparkling wine" equivalent. They're good, but the product from the official region is supposed to be much better. Du Puy has volcanic soil, and the lentils are grown with no fertilizer. They're supposed to have a much better, mineral-y taste and overall better texture.

                  Here's more on the topic, plus a good recipe:

                  1. re: popvulture

                    I guess I'd like to try the real thing to see if there is as big a difference for them as there is between Champagne and Cold Duck.

                    That reminds me of a high school cheer.

                    "Ice cold beer makes you want to cheer,
                    Ice cold wine makes you feel fine,
                    Ice cold duck makes you want to fffffffffire up"!

              2. re: BeeZee

                IIRC, the Whole Foods bulk product does say it is sourced from France.

              3. I believe I found Sabarot lentils at an Andronico's store in Berkeley. They were cheaper than $10 but it was at a going out of business sale. A tall narrow green box?