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Jun 24, 2012 01:30 PM

liquid turbinado sugar, where to buy

Are there any supermarkets, or stores near Lexington, MA that carry liquid turbinado sugar? I saw it at a friends, locally, and she said it was at one of her local stores, in Rockport. It makes a great cocktail mixer!!


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  1. I wonder if you could substitute Lyle's Golden Syrup? It's a light caramelly syrup that I use in my coffee and on pancakes. Shaw's has it, as do many other markets.

    1. gee,msm, just melt it in a small pot with some water (and add a little corn syrup to keep it from crystalizing.) Store it at room temp. Bars call it 'simple syrup' but they usually use white sugar.
      You can also add sliced ginger and/or whole spices, and simmer it 1/2 hour if you like to play with diff flavors.

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        I know that, but this came in an attractive bottle that one could put out on a "bar table" at a party.


        1. re: msmouser

          o.k., your search i now grok. but in case you ever decide to make your own, you can often find handpainted clear 'wine bottle w/ cork' type things at HomeGoods for your attractive bar table presentation.

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            Thanks, good idea, I'm embarrassed that I didn't think of that
            Now, please, what does grok mean. I'm a little too old to be completely up on the latest "slang". I'm a retired pediatric neurologist, and I used to depend on the kids to keep me up to date!!!!

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              grok = understand

              But it's not exactly current slang; more of a 1970s throwback term.

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                  Nice, did not know the etymology of grok...

                2. re: msmouser

                  Never be embarassed here msmouser! That's why we all ask get some help. I have great admiration for your specialty and all the work you do.

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                There is a "liquid turbinado sugar" product made by Sugar in the Raw. Here's a link to buy it in bulk: . I haven't seen it in a retail store, but I haven't been looking either.

                1. re: owades

                  The Star Market on Mt. Auburn street at the Cambridge/Watertown/Belmont border has it. On sale right now, actually.