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Jun 24, 2012 11:35 AM

Pho + Bahn Mi...impossible to find together?

I've had a hard time finding vietnamese dining that offers both a pho AND bahn mi on the same menu. Does one require so much prep that it is impossible to do both? Or is it more of a preference to specialize on one dish or ingredient to perfection, avoiding the mistake of the kitchen spreading their staff too thin?

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  1. Most I go to have both. I've gotten both at these:

    Pho Hoa
    Pho T Cali
    Phuonh Trang
    Mignon Pho
    Pho Pasteur
    Pho Cali

    These are all around my area: Kearny Mesa/Clairemont

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    1. re: Rocky Road

      Good to know. I've always assumed either one required a certain competency that kept the kitchen from doing both well.

    2. Pho Point Loma does both quite well.

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      1. Pho Xpress, on 6th between B and C Downtown has both pho and banh mi.