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Jun 24, 2012 10:30 AM

Fish tacos in Marin?

Going through a fish taco "phase" -- looking for great ones in Marin (and Petaluma for upcoming visit) -- where are your favorites -- for the fried whole fish as well? So far, mi Familia's heading my list.

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  1. Joe's Taco Lounge on Miller Ave. in Mill Valley. Funky, old diner decor. They have shelves along the walls with dozens of different hot sauces to try.

    They have several taco options with both grilled and fried. Casual, fun place that's quite inexpensive for the neighborhood. They have a large menu of non-taco items also.

    For the high-end, Fish in Sausalito has a taco plate on the menu.

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      +1 for the fish tacos at Fish in Sausalito. While Sausalito may be touristy, the food at Fish is outstanding, and sitting outside on rustic picnic tables adds to the charm. Just don't turn your back or the gulls will steal your food. Only other caution is the place is cash only (though they have an atm inside,). Always one of the highlights of my trips to the Bay area.

    2. The Taco Guys at the Thursday civic center farmers market have the best I've ever had!

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        1. So far, very high end suggestions -- anything of note from taquerias?

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            Haven't done tacquerias in a while (trying to go organic as much as possible) but Tacqueria San Rafael packed some nice flavor into things. High Tech Burrito still around?

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              Taqueria San Jose has a decent fish taco ...... barebones interior. The fish was a tad salty but with liberal use of lime and salsa the end result was quite good.