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Miracle Whisk feedback?

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Has anyone tried the "Miracle Whisk" or any comments? I can't find any reviews online. Need to replace a rusted whisk anyways. This looks like a dream tool if it truly works as advertised on infomercial - stainless steel construction, dish washer safe, portable, whips up egg white in 2 mins.. etc.

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  1. I never heard of this gadget before, and now I've seen the web site, I don't get it. It's a variation on the old egg beater with its handle you cranked round and round, only here you push the handle up and down. And at $35, it's expensive for what you get.


    Their motto is, "Real cooks use real tools." A real whisk is the simplest thing in the world, just a handle directly attached to a bunch of wire loops that can be larger or smaller, bare stainless steel or plastic-coated depending on how you want to use it. No pushing the handle up and down, it's all in the wrist. And good whisks cost less than $10.


    If that's too much work, then a powered hand mixer will do the work for you, and do it better than the Miracle Whisk can. Some cost less than the Miracle Whisk.


    1. It seems like a poor product to me. I would never consider anything but a traditional balloon whisk. I can whip up egg whites or shipped cream in under 2 minutes with a standard industrial strength balloon whisk from a restaurant supply store.

      Please don:t be afraid of the term industrial strength or restaurant supply store, what that actually means is a simple product that will last costs $10 instead of $20 for an inferior product sold elsewhere.

      1. my mother had a plastic version of this gizmo... very awkward to operate but did an ok job.

        1. My philosophy is that if a kitchen tool has existed for years and years there is a reason for it: because it does the job like nothing else can. Things like this Miracle Whisk are nothing but someone's wish to "get rich quick" by inventing a gadget to replace something that does not need to be improved. I really doubt anyone can improve on a good old fashioned whisk.

          1. Was just at the OC fair last night and picked one of these up and tried to make eggs this morning with it, but it seems that whatever makes it spin won't catch properly. Using about 8 eggs. The recipe book only mentions eggs in the meringue, so no real help there.

            Looked for other reviews but found nothing. So far it seems like 20 bucks down the drain. Most things at OC fair are final sales only wih the exception of getting an exchanges, so we'll see if this one was just a dud.

            1. IMNSHO, any "as seen on tv" type items... real good chance of being JUNK!?! I'd go with hand mixer (found a KA, BRAND new, at a thrift store for $5) or go to a kitchen supply place.

              1. Hey I just bought one of these at my local Fair. I think it is great. I admit that if I had only seen it on a TV infomercial I would not have bought it. But seeing it in person and using it at the fair sold it. I just made scrambled eggs this morning and then frothed up some fat free milk with Splenda in it for my coffee and it is smooth as silk. I don't know about longevity yet but definitely know about the function. It works great and is Stainless steel. BTW if you can find a local distributor you can get one for about $20 intead of 35.

                1. Bought 2 of these at a craft show. The seller demonstrated the whisk by making a firm froth from skim milk. There had to have been some sort of thickening agent in his milk. I have repeatedly tried exactly what he said 1/4 c milk in a glass 2c measuring cup. I whisked for 1-2 mins (his was done in about 15 seconds). He turned his upside down it stayed in the cup. I ended up with a mess on the counter. When I contacted the Miracle Whisk company I was told they were not responsible. The person I bought from is a third party. When there is a no money back policy - you know it's for a reason.

                  1. I got my immersion blender at Costco for about $30 IIRC. It also has a miniFP which I use regularly and a whisk that I've never used and can't imagine that I ever would. I would never touch an egg to be scrambled with a whisk and, honestly, when something needs to be whisked, I pull out a whisk and it done in a flash. I probably have five, one for nonstick pans and a couple of itty bitty ones for things like salad dressings. Mine are " stainless steel construction, dish washer safe, portable, whips up egg white in 2 mins.. etc." :)

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                      Isn't this suppose to be reviews for the Miracle Whisk? If you haven't even tried it how can you give a review??

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                        Er, I didn't give a review of it. As others here also didn't.

                    2. We bought a set of 2 from QVC for $12 on closeout. I can see why. When you press down, it is suppose to spin through a sort of spring action. It has a lot of friction on the bottom of the bowl. It is more apt to slop things out of the bowl than a regular whisk. A regular whisk is 10 times better. Save your money.

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                      1. A piece of junk for the price. Paid $25 for one at a Home Show. Works well on stage when the professional is doing it, but doesn't work near as well in real situations. Save your money.

                        1. I own three regular wisks and one odd one with an extra cage and small ball in the center, and I use them all. I don't know why you wouldn't just replace your old wisk, perhaps even buying a couple in different sizes. Then, if you want, buy the Miracle thingie. If it works, I imagine it will work on some things better than others. It isn't as if you are considering buying a couple of food processors! Buy the things you need.

                          If it is truly a case where every cent counts, then I vote for a nice balloon wisk which should not set you back too much.

                          1. I love, love, love this tool! I use it just about every day for frothing skim milk for my coffee. Save myself $4 instead of buying Cappuccinos. I've used it for mixing cream soups. Works beautifully for me!

                            1. I love old threads that revive.

                              We bought 2 for like $20 at a home show because I make protein shakes by mixing protein powder and coffee each morning. I was surprised it took a few weeks to learn how to use it properly, considering it's just push, push, push and the thing spins. Works fine. Cleans easily though I can't imagine why it would need to go in the dishwasher considering. One of the few gadgets I respect. Would not expect it to do heavy work, like the kind you might use a stick or hand mixer for, but it's great for light duty.

                              1. I bought the Quick Whisk at a demonstration at a Kroger store. I received 2 large whisks, a small whisk, and a pair of kitchen scissors. Paid $40 total. Here it is a week later...the handle of one came apart after it's 3rd time through the dishwasher. I have only been the same whisk. Have not used the others yet. It does an okay job, but when the whisk touches the sides of a bowl/pan with curved sides, it will not spin. I end up just whisking like a normal whisk after that. To me...semi-waste of money. Works well enough until it goes through the dishwasher one too many times. Will use these, then buy normal whisks after a few weeks.

                                1. I picked up one of these because I thought it looked cool. Turns out it works pretty well when I'm mixing something that has parsley or stuff big enough to get stuck in a balloon whisk. WMF products are rarely cheap.


                                  1. This thing is a Pile of GARBAGE! We have had it two weeks and it no longer works. OH yes they have a LIFE TIME warranty, but you have to pay the shipping back which is almost the price of the darn whisk---looks like I got suckered!

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                                      IMO, the Lifetime warranty is THE scam of those infomercial-type gadgets.

                                    2. This is one of those "but WAIT" products, right? I'm a person who thinks more is better when it comes to some things in the kitchen. I have 2-3 different size.shape wire whisks ans 2-3 very flexible ones that are safe on non-stick. BUT if I saw someone selling it for $1 at a yard sale or thrift store, might give it a try... wouldn't spend REAL money on it!

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                                        Yea, it's a solution in search of a problem, which regular whisks already take care of. Even a plain dinner fork is better and less messy than this thing.

                                      2. If you want to get a manual mixing gadget that is not a balloon whisk but does work, try a Danish dough whisk. Now those do work. I use mine all the time. Here's a link to them on Amazon: