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Jun 24, 2012 09:45 AM

Miracle Whisk feedback?

Has anyone tried the "Miracle Whisk" or any comments? I can't find any reviews online. Need to replace a rusted whisk anyways. This looks like a dream tool if it truly works as advertised on infomercial - stainless steel construction, dish washer safe, portable, whips up egg white in 2 mins.. etc.

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  1. I never heard of this gadget before, and now I've seen the web site, I don't get it. It's a variation on the old egg beater with its handle you cranked round and round, only here you push the handle up and down. And at $35, it's expensive for what you get.

    Their motto is, "Real cooks use real tools." A real whisk is the simplest thing in the world, just a handle directly attached to a bunch of wire loops that can be larger or smaller, bare stainless steel or plastic-coated depending on how you want to use it. No pushing the handle up and down, it's all in the wrist. And good whisks cost less than $10.

    If that's too much work, then a powered hand mixer will do the work for you, and do it better than the Miracle Whisk can. Some cost less than the Miracle Whisk.

    1. It seems like a poor product to me. I would never consider anything but a traditional balloon whisk. I can whip up egg whites or shipped cream in under 2 minutes with a standard industrial strength balloon whisk from a restaurant supply store.

      Please don:t be afraid of the term industrial strength or restaurant supply store, what that actually means is a simple product that will last costs $10 instead of $20 for an inferior product sold elsewhere.

      1. my mother had a plastic version of this gizmo... very awkward to operate but did an ok job.

        1. My philosophy is that if a kitchen tool has existed for years and years there is a reason for it: because it does the job like nothing else can. Things like this Miracle Whisk are nothing but someone's wish to "get rich quick" by inventing a gadget to replace something that does not need to be improved. I really doubt anyone can improve on a good old fashioned whisk.

          1. The original comment has been removed