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Jun 24, 2012 09:22 AM

Has anyone been to the Greenhouse restaurant recently?

If you have been to the Greenhouse restaurant since Arnaud Bignon arrived as chef, I would love to know what you think about your meal(s) there. (The last time we were at the Greenhouse just before Bignon arrived we were disappointed in the quality of the meal, and then were told that a new chef was expected.) We are hoping that Bignon's arrival has led to an improvement in the quality and consistency of the cooking. Thanks!

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  1. Just returned from the Greenhouse, where the cooking, by Finnish chef Mickael Viljanen, is thrilling. From the gougere of mushrooms to the passion fruit souffle, the Greenhouse delivered on all fronts. Glistening pink tuna sashimi on a midnight blue plate with foraged herbs, dried olive tapenade, nasturtium and chervil leaves, the whole sprinkled with wild horseradish shavings. Brilliant. Roast cod in a garlicky fish sauce with brown shrimp and a confit egg; slow-cooked chicken leg with parsley foam; scallop with wild garlic puree; cod on a bed of onion and potato, borage flowers and sea asparagus, a tiny sprout with big taste. Passion fruit souffle was served with ginger sauce and a dollop of fresh passion fruit. A mind-blowing experience. No canned music track. Excellent wine list. And that was only lunch.

    1. Sorry I was not more specific....I meant the Greenhouse restaurant in London, not in Dublin. Has anyone been to the London Greenhouse recently?

      1. An important update----We went back to the Greenhouse restaurant tonight and had a terrific dinner. All the dishes we ate, from both the regular and the special seasonal tasting menu, were creative and perfectly cooked. I only wish that we could be in London next month for the upcoming black truffle seasonal tasting menu.