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Jun 24, 2012 08:03 AM

Commander's table location

Is the Garden Room still the table location of choice for dinner (on the later side time wise) at Commander's? Or is another table location better for the nighttime dining? I know that lunch/brunch is highly recommended but this is the DH's special BD dinner. Thanks for the advice!

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  1. I haven't been in a while, but I can't imagine there's a better room for a special occasion than the Garden Room. If unavailable I'd opt for the main dining room; personal preference.

    1. Once, and for about two decades, we requested Table # 8. That was changed, and last that I heard, was called Table # 308. We celebrated my wife's birthday, even after we moved away, at that table, in the "turret," but last time, after two letters, three FAX's and four telephone calls, that though we had been guaranteed that table, as per normal, some "important people" had requested it, and we were SOL, though we had had it for decades. Oh well, such is life. I found out that, though we were continuing patrons, over many, many years, we were not worth their efforts.

      I would say to go with what they allow you to have, and just understand that the "important people" get the good seats. Do not argue, and just take what they give you.


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      1. re: Bill Hunt

        Hunt - I requested the Garden Room and will cross my fingers. Hate to hear of the disloyalty you encountered - I certainly understand your discontent. We will hope for the best and have a lovely time regardless - just so happy to be on vacation and celebrating with the DH. Thank you both for the responses.

        1. re: Bldrswife

          R. front corner, window table, garden room. A premium table to be sure. We were seated there once, due the the maitre D's mistaken assumption we were friends of Dickie Brennan. Indeed, they have no loyalty unless you are 'somebody'.
          Many years ago , when Prudhomme was chef, we dined there weekly. Never got any consideration. They serve something like 750 a night. We werejust another number..

          In any case, I agree with Hunt. Commander's is not as good as it had. been,
          particulary at dinner. However, I still enjoy lunch in the garden room, when the good (enough) food takes a back seat to the festive good time.

          1. re: JazzyB

            It has been just too many years, since we did a real lunch there, and not some culinary event. I have heard many issue the same sentiments, but just have no experience with it.

            Maybe next trip?

            I once was not at all a fan of Brennan's on Royal St. We only went there, when visiting friends and relatives demanded it, and I was still not a fan. Many years passed. Finally went back for a Saturday Brunch, and "Oh my!" how things had changed. We have now done Saturday & Sunday Brunch several times, and we, plus our guests, have loved it. I mean, who knew?

            Maybe that sort of a moment will happen with CP, and we can love it again?


          2. re: Bldrswife

            For you, I also hope for the best.

            For decades, they were our go-to fine dining restaurant in NOLA. My wife has a set of autographed cookbooks from her many birthdays, celebrated there. Many times, we flew in (after having lived there), just to dine at CP. Then, something changed.

            We did several culinary events there, after the let-down, and though we tried to be totally objective, just found many faults with each. We have hosted three diners there, over the last few years, and I still find so many faults. Maybe we once overlooked them? Maybe things DID change? Maybe we are just NOT as objective, as we'd like to think that we are? I do not know.

            Still, some very precious memories, and I have several pieces of art in my home in Arizona, that feature Commander's Palace. It is still a very special spot, in our hearts and our minds.

            When they are on, they are unbeatable. The Garden Room is lovely, and has a special vibe.

            I would love nothing better, than to go back, dine there, and then have to report that they are 100% back, and that I am "in love," once again.


            PS - I feel the same way about Antoine's. Once, they were something very, very special to me (not sure that my wife, the local, had that many great memories?), but just pre-K, they were a big letdown, and I mean BIG. I have heard that they HAVE made a "comeback," but have not been able to fit them into the rotation. I always hope the best for them too.

        2. We're not old school and have only had fantastic lunch experiences at Commander's over the past 5 years or so. I will say that we got our garden room table the last time by having drinks at the bar first and letting them get us our table when there was one available. Not needing it the second we walked in the door (when they attempted to hurry us in to whatever was available) made it possible for us to have a 3+ hour lunch experience that was everything we wanted it to be.

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          1. re: kukubura

            Requesting the garden room in advance will get a table there as well.

            1. re: JazzyB

              We do that but we find that once we arrive they try to quickly usher us to whatever table is available regardless of room. And it can't be because of anything on our end: We come ready to have CP-style fun (see picture below.) Our experience has been that the service and general people-skills among every single person in the Commander's Palace organization is top notch, from Ti and Chef Tory down to the runners, with the exception of the person at the front desk, who always seems to be in a very un-New Orleans-like hurry.

              I'm in favor of any technique that results in a longer, more leisurely experience and more cocktail consumption!