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Jun 24, 2012 07:52 AM

Summer cranberry recipes

So... like (almost?) everyone, I think, I associate cranberries with fall and winter.
But I have a bag of cranberries I threw in the freezer last winter just sitting there -- I'm moving in a few weeks and want to use my frozen food up. Any ideas for something that might still be appealing in June or July? Maybe something that doesn't have those "holiday" seasonings like cinnamon, nutmeg, etc?

I found one recipe for an oat-cranberry-banana muffin and another for a zucchini cranberry bread -- they seemed like the might be OK but I'm looking for any other suggestions.

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  1. I just saw a bag of cranberries in my freezer, too! There are lots of cranberry salsa recipes on line, but I don't have a lot of the ingredients right now. You might find something that works for you.

    I made a cranberry curd one fall and put it in little filo cups, topped with whipped cream. This recipe looks like what I did, although I don't remember that many eggs. I think I'll make this today and can it. At least it will be out of the freezer!

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      David Lebovitz has a cranberry sorbet that's on my list to try this summer (I overstocked the freezer this year!)

    2. Combine them with other berries, fresh or frozen, to make a mixed berry pie, crisp, or cobbler. You'll need to sweeten more than if they weren't included. Pears and cranberries work well in these preparations, too.

      Cook them with sugar or other real or artificial sweetener until they start to pop. Cool. Prepare a package of berry or cherry jello (there's even cranberry jello), but instead of the cold water use a cup of the cooked berries and their juice. Or use bottled cranberry juice, boiling hot, and plain gelatin instead of boiling water and flavored jello.

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        +1, I eat cranberries on a regular basis...and I combine them with sweeter berries as greygarious suggests...they are a very healthy dark berry and I mixed them with blueberries and sometimes strawberries and eat with Greek yogurt and ground flax 2 or 3 mornings each week.

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          Totally agree with adding cranberries to other fruits in crisps and crumbles. A few years ago, I made a Blueberry Rhubarb Cranberry Crisp with a Pistachio Crust that was heavenly.


      2. Call me crazy, but I think they could be good with peaches, in a pie or a cobbler!

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          I purposely put cranberries in my freezer in the fall so I can make peach cranberry preserves and strawberry cranberry preserves.

        2. Wow such great suggestions.
          I run the cranberries thru a food mill and use the broken berries for muffins, yogurt, pancakes, etc. and the juice for marinades, cocktails, ice cubes and salad dressing.

          1. Ice cream

            Or render them down with some red wine and basalmic vinegar and make a sauce for things like pork chops or loin.