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Jun 24, 2012 07:15 AM

Southern Art Restaurant & Bourbon Bar @ The Intercontinental Hotel Buckhead

Hey y'all...

I just found a great new place to have some great food & a Perfect Drink......

My Previous favorite bars in Atlanta :

Holeman & Finch - Peachtree 2009
Prohibition - Buckhead 2010
Sound Table - Edgewood 2011
Ormsby's - West Midtown 2012

I suggest sitting at the Bourbon Bar & having a drink first before you are seated in the restaurant.

Drink : Bourbon!

Appetizer : Shrimp & Grits

Entree : Roasted Half Maple Leaf Duckling

Dessert : The Cheese Platter..of course!

Also the Newly re-designed D├ęcor there just makes you want to Live There! Has anyone been??

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  1. Recently enjoyed a lingering lunch there and truly enjoyed some selections from their Ham Bar. Unique concept to me and a chance to sample various hams produced in the South, primarily from Virginia, Kentucky and North Carolina. Their Butcher's Board of cured and smoked meats are evidently all produced in house and a glass of bourbon from the Bourbon Bar in an excellent accompaniment.

    Had the fried chicken which is an extra cruchy buttermilk version . Next time I'm trying the pork shank.

    Their dessert table is displayed as you come in the front entry. The caramel chocolate pretzel pie was delicious. We'll go back.

    1. Hello! Thanks for the recommendation. I went to the Southern Art website, but none of the menu items had the corresponding price points. Could you give me an idea of the prices if you have time? Thanks so much!