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Jun 24, 2012 06:10 AM

Needing restaurant advice please

Hello, my husband is having his 40th birthday and would like a suggestion for a steak restaurant (or American restaurant) for 14 people. We have a toddler with us but I am hoping if we do a 6:30 reservation we will not distrupt any other patrons and possibly have an easier time obtaining a reservation for 14. I dont know the city at all and would appreciate any advice. Thanks!

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  1. That size group you may be able to get a private room, (if that is in your budget). Steak places in Philadelphia proper include: Barclay Prime, Capital Grille, Union Trust, Butcher and Singer, The Palm, Ruth Chris, Davio's, Prime Rib (in the Warwick Hotel), Del Friscos, Mortons. Barclay Prime is by far the best of the restaurants, but the real question is which restaurant can best accommodate you.

    Capital Grille has one room that is designed for up to 14 people. That might work for you if its in the budget. I am sure others have opinions too...

    1. We had a lovely birthday celebration in a small private room at Capital Grille. The food and service were excellent. We had a limited menu - a few choices each of appetizer, entree and dessert.
      There was salmon on the menu for people who don't eat meat or chicken.
      We went early (before 6pm) which meant we could get this menu at a very good price.
      Everyone loved their dinner and the atmosphere; I would recommend it highly.
      (By the way, their homemade chocolate ice cream is incredible!)

      1. The Palm has a beautiful private room in the back - very Mad Men vibe! We had a great meal I recall, you can order off the menu or set one for your guests. Great martinis