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Jun 24, 2012 05:57 AM

Best meatball subs? Coffee cabinets???

Visiting Boston and New England in my youth I was huge fan of the wonderful meatball subs and coffee cabinets? (is that what they are still called?). Sometimes both could be had at the same location with delicious results. The meatball subs were served in a hard crusted sub roll.
Any recommendations for the Boston area and North Shore?
These may be more native to the Providence RI area where I think I first enjoyed them?

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  1. I've never heard of a cabinet being served (at least by that name) in metro Boston, always a frappe

    1. The term coffee cabinet is a Rhode Island one. I grew up near RI in southeast MA, and we called it a frappe as well. I've only ever heard Rhode Islanders use the term coffee cabinet. I think you'll need to get one in RI, or get a coffee frappe if available in metro Boston.

      1. Bob's in Medford for one of the best around. Bring a knife and fork as it is too big to eat with your hands.

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          Second the meatball sub at Bob's. They do not, however, serve cabinets or frappes.

        2. At lunch The Antique Table in Lynn does a Damn good meatball sub.