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Mar 26, 2004 04:52 PM


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Any recs for these areas? Doing the college tour route during Spring break. Need suggestions for dinners (mid price, casual). Any input on Old Vienna Restaurant, Whales Tail or Anacapa Brewing Company? We'll be staying at Embassy Suites in Oxnard two nights. Enjoy German/Italian/Mexican/American.

Thanks for any information.

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  1. For breakfast in Santa Barbara, see the link to my post below.



    1. Old Vienna is good. Whales Tail is junk imo. Anacapa is ok, try Winchesters also in downtown. Deco downtown is good, might also try The Bella Maggiore. For italian Cafe fiore or capriccios, both downtown. Only good mexican i can think of will be deep in oxnard, not a place i go if i don't have to. American for pitchers and burgers is Dukes on Seaward.
      This area is food challenged to put it bluntly. Most places the dishwasher is cooking your food-literally.

      1. Andrias in the harbor. Ambience of a seafood market/chowder house but great food and great chowder. I consider their chowder to be third place. The first being Brad's in Pismo Beach and barely behind first is the Oyster Bar at Grand Central Station in New York. It's a must try place. In case any of the owners of Andria's reads this review (lousy wine selection for such good seafood). A bottle of beer might stand you in better stead.

        1. Cafe Fiore is great Italian food. Save room for the dessert, the Pastry chef is very good!

          1. Old Town in Ventura (near Oxnard) on North Main street near the San Buena Ventura mission has become a very lively street of cafes and crowds - which will be more interesting to explore than downtown Oxnard and environs.

            Which colleges are you visiting?

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              I imagine they are going to be juniors this year...the post is rather old.