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Jun 24, 2012 03:31 AM

A Question about "Chopped"

When Did The Food Network become The Chopped Channel? I haven't been watching much lately because that seems to be all that's on!

But while I have your attention, my FiOS program guide ALWAYS describes the competitors as "amateur chefs." Like, what do you have to do to be considered a professional! I don't know if this ridiculous error is generated by Verizon FiOS or if it's a universal thing generated by the Food Network. How does your program guide describe the contestants?


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  1. Seems to me to be more the "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives" channel. I've seen it on from 4pm straight through to midnight recently. I'm so over it!

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      1. re: Njchicaa

        Honestly, it seems to always be DDD. Ugh, it's a joke in our house that any given time, we can find a mini-marathon of that show. And we look elsewhere.

        1. re: breadchick

          LOL! The schedule speaks the truth.

      2. I would have dubbed it "The Cupcake Channel" -- it seems to me that the channel is all cupcakes, all the time. Or maybe it seems that way to me because cakes and cupcakes are one of the FN topics that don't hold much interest for me. BTW, I've got FIOS, too, and I see the same (inaccurate) program descriptions that you do.

        1. Sounds like FN is an elephant and we are all blind men looking at different parts.

          If you look at the weekly schedule, not just one night, you will see that different shows dominate each night of the week. During that time, most of the episodes are repeats, with one new one. Fridays, I believe, are DDD, and have been for some time. This 'marathon' approach is something that many of the cable channels use (Discovery, Travel, BBC, etc). It is also more common at prime time.

          At times it seems that FN&N is the 'complain about FN' board. The issue that Caroline1 has brought up has been covered a number of times in previous threads. :)

          FN shark thread
          see also ones about Pioneer Woman, Bitchn Kitchen, and Baron Ambrosia. That ones about Next FN Star are more focused in their complaints.

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          1. FIOS is wrong. Nearly all are cooking professionals. Many are described as 'executive chef' at such and such place. But most don't have the name or experience of Iron Chef challengers.

            I'm guessing that FIOS made up that description themselves (I don't see that on Comcast), but to be sure, you could check FN's own website and description.

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            1. re: paulj

              FN describes them as " four up-and-coming chefs "

              I often reference the Wiki list of episodes
              It identifies the job of each contestant

            2. we have Time Warner Cable for our TV and funny thing is on the times that Sandra Lee's Semi Homemade show is on, in the discription or title of the show for it it's listed like this


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              1. re: iL Divo

                Sounds pretty accurate to me. '-)

                1. re: Caroline1

                  oh yea, I know. anything I've ever tried of hers from that show has flopped big time, like her slow cooker pot roast what a joke, awful.

                  please tell me what FIOS stands for. I know it's something about the guide on your TV like what show Shamdra's program with no description at all, but don't know what those letters stand for, let's just say I'm too tired to try and figure it best shot is: ''featured information on shows'' ........... :;-/

                  1. re: iL Divo

                    I believe FiOS refers to the fact that the connections are fiber optic cables. FIber Optic System maybe??

                    1. re: Njchicaa

                      "FiOS, according to its creator Verizon, is a Gaelic word that means “knowledge” in English. FiOS is a telecom service that is offered over fiber-optic lines. At the moment, Verizon is the only provider."

                      from a link I just pulled up.
                      no wonder I don't know what it means, we don't have Ver-i-zon.............

                      1. re: iL Divo

                        FIOS is the cable option that Verizon put in our area, in competition with Comcast. Then they sold their local operations to Frontier, which now offers both FIOS and Dish.

                        1. re: iL Divo

                          I'm guessing that the Gaelic-to-English translation is a happy coincidence for Verizon. They started using the brand name "FiOS" when they began offering the bundled fiber-optic line packages for phone, internet and TV.

                      2. re: iL Divo

                        NJchicaa is right. Fiber Optic System. Verizon has spent billions putting fiber optics into neighborhoods all over the country. It's most valuable to me with the internet service, though I also have phone and tv with FiOS. This morning my internet download speeds are 30.6Mbps and uploads are 26.2Mbps. It's often much faster, but my subscription is for the lowest rate (25Mbps) they offer. For an increase in what I pay, I can get up to 100Mbps download times. They usually exceed what they guarantee. Kind of makes a joke out of all of the junk mail I get offering "faster internet speeds than you can imagine!" Then when I check them out, their max is 6Mbps. I've had my service for nearly six years now. I was the first kid on the Plano block! Sure makes browsing Chowhound fast and easy. When the Chowhound server is in the mood...!!!! '-)

                        1. re: Caroline1

                          man Caroline, you are talkin waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay over my head here ;:-/