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Jun 23, 2012 10:22 PM

From Culver City south Hwy 1

Looking forward to visiting down south. Only going to be here for four days. Sergio, Tanner coffee, Sorrento market. Love it. I want to drive south early morning Hwy 1 to maybe Laguna. Anything along the way to check out. Grab and go, coffee, pastries, lunch goodies, something to bring back and cook? I really enjoy the coast of southern California.

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  1. Have pastries at Patisserie Chantilly in Lomita (sesame cream puff esp.), have Charro BBQ chicken at Seal Beach, have a drink at Las Brisas in Laguna (food here is mediocre.) If an Asian food Fan, swing back via 405 take Culver Blvd or Jeffries exit check out the mini-malls, try AJ for lovely Taiwanese food; return to I-405 and take Bolsa exit, check out the food court at the garish Asia Mall for Vietnamese street food or the restaurant behind the 99 Cent store for a really wide assortment of scrumptious Vietnamese dishes; return to I-405 and take the Carson exit away from Ikea check out Red Ribbon bakery or Seafood Grocery for Filipino snack food. Bon Appetit.

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    1. "I want to drive south early morning Hwy 1 to maybe Laguna...I really enjoy the coast of southern California."

      Unfortunately, unless you are willing to leave the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) and take a few other roads, you aren't going to be seeing any ocean vistas until you get to around Seal Beach down in Orange County.