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Jun 23, 2012 09:14 PM

Eastern Europe Suggestions?

Any recommendations for Gjirokastra, Berat, Ohrid, Pristina, Kotor, Riga or Vilnius? I don't eat meat but I'm open to all suggestions as I've never had a problem requesting a meat-free meal before (even in Tiraspol!). Less-touristy places preferred, and I'll be a sloppy mess so no Michelin stars. Thanks!

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  1. I have some suggestions of my own!

    Pristina (Kosovo) - Pishat. My vegetable plate and 'croquettes' (they use the term loosely) were amazing. I'm sure their meat dishes would be awesome as well.

    Mostar - Hindin Han. Googling now I see that it top-rated on Trip Advisor, but I hadn't heard of it when I visited. Packed with locals to the point where I ended up inviting a local couple to share my table with me so they wouldn't be turned away. Like usual I had the vegetarian dish (great) but everyone suggested the 'bird of Spain' veal dish to me. I noticed they have fried brain as well.

    Sarajevo - AWESOME meal at Karuso! This restaurant serves seafood but not meat, in addition to many vegetarian and vegan dishes. The chef is knowledgeable about healthy cooking and is an avid fisherman. In a city famous for 'meat fingers' (as I saw them translated on one menu) how awesome was it to have a dinner of mint soup, chard rolls stuffed with rice, lentils and veggies then topped with smoked tofu, and homemade vanilla ice cream with olive oil, sea salt, cracked pepper and the house raspberry syrup? HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

    1. i have no restaurants for you but when in vilnius or riga, try to eat some of their zeppelin. these are boiled dumplings filled with a variety of things, sometimes meat but lots of times mushrooms, cabbage or cottage cheese. they are called zeppelins after the air-ships because of their oblong shape.

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        Thanks! I did try some cheese-filled zeppelin in Vilnius at a restaurant called Forto Dvaras- they were lovely and bought me a huge bowl of mushroom sauce to go with them once they realized I was vegetarian.

      2. A few more recommendations -

        In Vilnius, Berneli┼│ U┼żeiga was great. I think it's part of a local chain but I wouldn't let that put me off. A dinner of buckwheat pancakes with wild mushroom sauce and stewed beets, along with kvass, was less than 3.5 euro.

        Jurmala - Cafe 53 had really good salad and, catering to the Russian crowd, it was the only place I ate that served tarhun.

        Tallinn - Olde Hanza is a complete tourist trap BUT their vegetarian plate really was amazing. Not only did they confirm with me that the saurkraut is only vegetarian by name, every single thing on the platter was really, really good.

        Malacky (Slovakia) - If you happen to find yourselves here, I can highly recommend Restauracia Koliba. They had a huge meaty menu plus a few vegetarian choices (including stuffed peppers, which were surprisingly spicy AND stuffed with a good mixture of ingredients), but more importantly in the middle of my meal a man walked through the restaurant carrying a dead baby deer! Not something I see every day!