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Jun 23, 2012 09:01 PM

Oh the places we will go... But am I missing anything?

Hey everybody! My husband and I are looking forward to a visit to NoLa from July 8-14. I am a HUGE planner and have been looking forward to this for months- we have never been! Please review my itenary and see if I missed anything that would be a sin. Also, is there anything we definately not miss seeing or doing while there? Thanks so much!

L: Johnny's Po Boys
D: Emeril's

L: Mrs B's Bistro
D: Restaurant R'evolution

L: Acme Oyster House
D: GW FINS (possibly)

L: Parkway Bakery
D: suggestions??

L: Domilise's
D: Restaurant August

Brunch: Commander's Palace
Dinner: suggestions???

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  1. We personally enjoy lunch at August - we have found it to be better price wise vs. dinner, even with not ordering the pre-fixe. Would suggest Brigsten's and definitely Galatoire's. Clancy's also gets a lot of recs here - we enjoyed but not as much as the others. I was just thinking from your other post what your dining choices were and then this entry popped up, scary. We will be there July 14-19 (surprised birthday trip for my husband) - it's driving me crazy not being able to discuss with him so I'm relying on the boards. I, too, am a HUGE planner - even have spread sheets. Hope R'evolution blows us all away!

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    1. re: Bldrswife

      I am getting so anxious! I so want to eat at Gal's but getting my husband in a coat is a struggle I will have to keep to a minimum. Trying to convince him it will be worth it... (we already have several "dressy" meals). Hoping for good weather for our trip!

      1. re: honeybrook_99

        I completely understand - I have the same problem regarding the jacket. There is just something about the atmosphere that is so fun. Hope you can do a live trip report so I can read before we leave. I am waivering on the R'evoltion reservation - the menu is not really my husband's thing. Since this is his bday trip, I will leave it up to him. Have a great trip!

        1. re: Bldrswife

          im curious - what is the primary issue for men who dont want to don a jacket for a nice dinner out?

          1. re: kibbles

            Speaking for my husband only - 1) The heat and having to deal with the jacket for the evening if we don't stop back at the hotel, 2) he owns his own business (construction and rentals) and it is something he doesn't deal with on a daily basis, therefore, out of his usual norm, and 3) locally, in most of our restaurants (outside of a very few high dining spots), jackets are not required and are usually in the minority.

            However, when we make our two trips to NO each year, he really doesn't have a problem with the jacket in order to fit in and honor the many long standing traditions. The real grief I get from him is that in so, so many of the restaurants we visit, he is dressed in the establishments desired attire but he is surrounded by those who are not outfitted the same. However, after several years he has come to agree with upholding the standards even though that may not be the case by many.

            And finally, for our summer trip with the heat, he likes to stay casual during the day and will dress for dinner. Our Christmas trip, he is more flexible.

            1. re: Bldrswife

              Speaking for myself and a horde of other regular NOLA restaurant goers, I/we appreciate his willingness to help uphold the traditions. Loud cheers!

              1. re: hazelhurst

                Honestly, just one of the many things we love about NOLA!

                1. re: hazelhurst

                  I could NOT have said it any better and my situation is very similar. And I, too, would never DREAM of attempting to try to "skirt around" a dress code myself and wouldn't let my husband either.... I wouldn't feel comfortable or be able to enjoy the experience! However, I also do not want to, at every meal (and in 100 degree temps at that) have my husband spend the majority of the day in a sport coat if he doesn't want to- even for my birthday trip... It is just not his style. But he does try :)

                  1. re: honeybrook_99

                    I say for your Thursday dinner just tell your hub to get over it and do Galatoire's right. If you want to put him in touch with me I'll be happy to help convince him! ;)

                    Or go to Dante's Kitchen. It's great.

                    1. re: kukubura

                      I think you are right! How can we come and not eat at Galatoire's?! Thanks for the push :)

                    2. re: honeybrook_99

                      Honeybrook - you are down to the wire. Hope you have a great trip and a very happy birthday with many wonderful meals. Look forward to your comments. Enjoy!

                      1. re: Bldrswife

                        I know and you are right behind us! I will try to post some as we go along!

          2. re: Bldrswife

            2nd that emotion for Brigtsen's... make reservations for Thursday dinner

          3. Of your list the one weak spot might be Domilise. You are long on sandwich lunch's so moving August to lunch and filling in another fine dining place might be good.

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            1. re: collardman

              yep, unless youre a poboy aficionado, id skip D's since you already have Johnny's and Parkway.

              id also consider Coquette for a dinner; they do a drink special on Thursdays so that could be perfect. daily fresh menu.

              1. re: collardman

                This will be my birthday and I was wanting a super special meal for that night- why we chose dinner at August.... Otherwise we might consider a swap. I do think we might be heavy on po boys- so we will probably cut one. Thanks!

              2. The two places you are missing that really jump out to me are Herbsaint (lunch or dinner, but I prefer lunch), and Bayona (dinner- must make reservations).. Both very unique to New Orleans, and simply outstanding food and service. Two of my favorite restaurants not just in New Orleans, but anywhere.

                Also check out Sylvain right by Jackson Square for a great, low-key lunch or dinner. Excellent cocktails too.

                We love GW Fins but find it best for apps and drinks at the bar before dinner elsewhere- nothing wrong with their entrees, just not as exciting as their apps- and that way you get to try more places!

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                1. re: Bdav1818

                  These were on my radar too- just so much to choose from- this being our first trip and all! We wanted a mix of inexpensive and finer dining too.... Wish we had more than a week thanks for your input!

                2. That is a very good, and ambitious itinerary.

                  The two omissions, that I see, are Brigtsen's and Galatoire's.

                  However, if you have done them, and however good they are/were, one must sample as much, as is possible.

                  You are already hitting many of my "favs," including Parkway Bakery, August and G W Fins.

                  At the end of the day, sit down, lean back, relax and exhale. Unless one has about 9 mos. of unrestricted dining, something WILL be missed. Do not fret. That is just a reason to return.

                  Some others, that have impressed me are:

                  Brennan's for Sat, or Sun Brunch
                  Ralph's on the Park Sun Brunch
                  Stanley! for breakfast
                  Original Coffee Pot for breakfast
                  Camillia Grill for breakfast

                  See, one cannot do them all, even from MY short list, and three meals a day, in New Orleans could be painful, and not good to fit into the clothes that you brought, but Perlis is just up magazine and can sell you new clothes!

                  We lived in NOLA (wife was a native) for many years, and get back, maybe 2-4x per year, but cannot possibly do, even all of our favorites, and many new "favs," were not even concepts, back then. Just too much, but that is NOT a bad thing. It just keeps us coming back, and back.

                  Enjoy, and do not fret - it is tough to get bad food in NOLA.


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                  1. re: Bill Hunt

                    So True! I have comed CH and Hunt, your advice has been so valuable! I am sure going to hit all the high spots but we could never do it all! This IS out first trip together but I certainly hope not the last... I do intend on carrying your "to do" list with me in case we just happen to be in the neighborhood and in need of some great food. Thanks again and I can't wait to report back!

                  2. For Dessert you must go to The Sweet Palate on 519 St. Louis St. (in the French Quarter) and try their AMAZING gelato. While you're at it make sure to try, what I refer to as, the best chocolate in the world from Oriol Balaguer. A GOLD MINE IN NOLA.

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                    1. re: Jspano9

                      Sounds so good! And there is always room for ice cream and chocolate!!!