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Jun 23, 2012 08:09 PM

Coming to Des Moines for the opera

Four of us will be coming to Des Moines next weekend for the opera, all from St. Paul, MN and all appreciators of good food. Two of us aren't meat eaters, but do eat fish and seafood and, of course, vegetarian food.

We'll be staying at the Hyatt downtown, but will have cars and can go anyplace that's good.

Any suggestions in either Des Moines or Indianola?

Thanks for your help!

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  1. La Mie Bakery on 42nd St. (just off I-235) does a very nice breakfast or lunch. Inexpensive, too. They do dinner three nights a week, but I haven't tried them for that.

    On the west side of downtown, Lucca is quite nice Italian. Again, lunch there is also a great value. Very urbane.

    More of a culture tip perhaps than a food tip, but if you've never been to DM you should really check out the Des Moines Art Center. They do have a nice little cafe too.

    1. There are some good options downtown near where you are staying.
      Centro is always very popular and doesn't disappoint - Steak, seafood, pasta, pizza. Americana has an interesting menu and an unreal Sunday brunch. Splash for seafood. Sbrocco on Court Ave. has tremendous wine selection and great food.
      Lucca in the East Village, also very near downtown, is delicious and does a prix fixe dinner.
      I think Mexican is well-represented in Des Moines. Not Tex-Mex, but authentic Mexican food. My favorite is Mariana's on University for a good lunch.
      If you are here Saturday morning the Downtown Farmer's Market is a lot of fun from 7-12 and has tons of great food vendors.

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        Thanks for the recommendations. I'll try to report back on where we go.

      2. >>Any suggestions in either Des Moines or Indianola?

        I have relatives in Indianola. There's no place really nice in Indianola since Crystal Tree closed, but there are some places with decent food.

        Krauss Cafe is known for breakfast as well as onion rings. I haven't had lunch there for awhile so I don't know what goes well with the rings.

        One Stop Sandwich Shop - same kind of fluffy tacos as Tasty Tacos in Des Moines, both of which I LOVE LOVE LOVE, but I've heard out-of-towners have mixed feelings about them

        The A&W in town is one of the old drive-in variety and has extremely good broasted chicken.

        It's unfortunate Paul's Pizza has changed hands so many times. The best thing in town used to be the Spaghetti sauce at Paul's but since Paul & Loola retired the recipe has (literally) been watered down.

        As for downtown Des Moines, there's also Centro (which is good) and Django (which is excellent). I keep hearing about Zombie Burger, but it's been so busy every time I go I just walk out.