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Pimp my salad

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So I needed a light side dish to go with the sausage potato salad I was making for dinner and threw together fresh corn, a chopped tomato, chopped basil and olive oil. Salsa salad? At any rate it worked so well I'm thinking of making this a weekly dish and I'd like some suggestions, maybe one or two ingredient tweaks, to keep things fresh.

Salt and pepper for sure. I left it out because the potatoes were seasoned already. Green onion might work. Others?

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  1. do you mean to add to the corn salad?
    You can add black beans, shallot, roasted chiles, cotija cheese, cilantro, tomatillos, lime juice... that sort of thing.

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    1. re: Kater

      Yes, sorry I meant the salad. Those suggestions sound pretty good. Beans would make it a lot more substantial.

      1. re: ennuisans

        Love the southwest inspiration; I do that one a lot during the summer. Another direction would be basil and bacon.

      2. re: Kater

        avocado cubes would be nice
        diced chili
        sundried tomatoes

      3. We add ripe avocado & lime juice to that, yum!!

        1. Good suggestions. Especially like the avocado; I'm always looking for ways to add that to the mix.

          1. Try a little jalapeno, lime juice and cilantro. That is my favorite salad with leftover corn. I also frequently add black beans, chick peas and celery for a more substantial salad.

            1. Make Texas caviar? Fantastic with grilled chicken. Some people use it as a dip but I much prefer it as a side. Corn, tomatoes, blackeyed peas, chopped jalapeno and red onion, lime vinaigrette. And now my mouth is watering. :D

              1. The name "texas caviar" never fails to make me smile and drool all at once! A nice flavor addition is, if you can, to grill the corn before taking it off the cob. Adds a ton of depth to an already great dish. It's so versatile!

                1. You could grill the corn, or add a vinaigtette (or just acid and salt). I like to use garlic oil in mine sometimes.