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Jun 23, 2012 07:38 PM

Maru (Cary)

Just ate at a new sushi restaurant in Cary (corner of Cary Pkwy and Tryon Rd) and the food was amazing!!! Everything that came out was picture perfect and delicious! We ordered Korean BBQ and Korean shortribs, several sushi rolls (Supa roll is really good), salmon teriyaki, carpaccio trio, salmon tartare and tune tartare. What stood out to me with the sushi rolls is that they don't overload them with rice. I hate that! We drove all the way from Durham to check it out and we will definitely be back!

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  1. Maru is close to our neighborhood and we decided to go tonight for the first time. What a delight! We ordered Bulgogi, Bi-Bim-Bob, & Tequila sushi roll. The presentation was beautiful and the food was fabulous. The owner and his wife were so warm and welcoming and we will most certainly go back often.

    1. We tried Maru for the first time a couple of weeks ago and I, too, was impressed. Sushi was carefully made, fish was fresh and well cut, and there was wasabi on the sushi in the classic Japanese fashion. Salad that came with sushi lunch was much better than usual. Service was attentive. We will be back soon.

      1. Wow - haven't even heard of this place! Will have to check it out,

        1. I ate at Maru twice last week-lunch and dinner. When I went for lunch, the staff explained what they're trying to do there--a mix of Korean and Japanese, but heaviest on the Japanese side. The Bi-Bim-Bob I had for lunch was quite good. I took a big crowd there a few nights later for dinner. All were pleased with their dishes. My shashimi platter was as good as I've had in this area--the fish very fresh, the presentation excellent, and the washabi super hot like I like it. Others ordered a variety of rolls which were well-presented. I'm not a big roll guy, but the ones I had were quite good and the people who ordered them really raved about the quality and inventiveness of the offering. They've done a good job with the decor making this a nice place to spend some time. Give Maru a try!!!

          1. Just had lunch at Maru today with the family. We were very impressed! Bento boxes are available for lunch with a choice of Galbi, Bulgolgi, Teriyaki, Spicy Pork and maybe something else. The Bento boxes were very well done, with well cooked-flavorful meat, a small serving of tempura (shrimp and veggie), rice, California roll, and a salad which was really a standout! They feature a house-brewed soy sauce which tasted pretty much like soy sauce to me, but was a nice touch. They are really doing some really nice food here and I was a bit worried to see that we were the only people there for lunch when we left at noon. Granted it was a Monday, but hoping this place can find its niche.

            The manager was telling me that they will be changing the menu for the fall. The dinner menu will include more entrees (previously more of an emphasis on small plates).

            We were there with our 3 kids 5 and under and although a bit more sleek than your usual "family restaurant," the staff was certainly welcoming of kids. Our kids also loved the food.