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Jun 23, 2012 06:35 PM

Hot N Juicy Crawfish coming to West Hollywood Gateway

I got a little coupon booklet for all of the businesses at the West Hollywood Gateway mall (you know, the Target at La Brea and Santa Monica) and in that booklet it said "Hot N Juicy Crawfish coming soon."

This appears to be the same Hot N Juicy Crawfish that's in Las Vegas, but it would be the first LA expansion, I think. If it is the same, it should be good - I like the place in Vegas pretty well.

This comes in addition to the newly opened Mendocino Farms there, so it looks like I'll be stopping by there a bit more often.

Anyone know when this is supposed to open, and where in the mall it's supposed to be going in? I imagine it'd be one of the restaurants along Santa Monica Blvd. closer to Formosa.


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    1. I went for lunch today. I don't like what I refer to as "the tailed seafood" but my dining companion and I split a pound of mussels, a pound of clams, and a fried catfish basket. The fried stuff was competent, but the fish was a little mushy. The bivalves were overcooked and room temperature. There is a shtick at the place, it's supposed to be sort of a mess, like a crab or crawfish feast on paper with no plates etc. Still the presentation is really weird. The seafood is served in a plastic bag. As near as I can tell they cook the stuff in advance and then put it in the bag with the spices and shake it around. Maybe if we weren't the only people in the place it would have been cooked to order properly. No idea. Maybe crawfish or shrimp are a better bet. I won't be finding out.

      1. Anyone been lately? How's it compare to Boiling Crab?

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          I am interested in taking our family to The Boiling Crab as this is a unique fun experience I think we will enjoy. I read their is this alternative now being hot n juicy and I too would like to see how it compares.