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Ethiopian restaurant in Tokyo?

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The only place with straight Ethiopian (as opposed to "African") I can find on bento.com is Queen Sheba (elsewhere Queen of Sheba), but bento gives it a lackluster review. Has anyone tried Queen Sheba or have another Ethiopian food source? My Japanese is not up to tablelog level. :(

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  1. If you want information on good Ethiopian restaurants in Tokyo try contacting the Embassy of Ethiopia. Part of their purpose is to promote their country, so I am pretty sure they would know their country's local food scene.

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      In a million years I never would have thought to contact an embassy to ask about restaurants. But, I'm missing Ethiopian food so much I'm willing to give it a shot. Thanks!

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        Not a bad idea in this case, people that had some connection to the embassy used to have a nice place on center gai in Shibuya but the building it was in was torn down like 5 year ago if I recall correctly.

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          Yes, it was called Abyssinia, although I'm not sure about the dates - I think it might have closed longer ago.