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Jun 23, 2012 03:49 PM

Dim Sum in San Francisco City

I've scoured the boards and, some of them are super old and it seems like the information is always changing. I have a group of about 14 very poor people who want to go eat a cheap (so, that eliminates Yank Sing, sorry), authentic (carts are a must!!) dim sum brunch somewhere in The City.
I was told to check out Hong Kong Lounge but, heard that they don't have carts. I was suggested Yank Sing but, that is (sadly) just not within the budget. Since we do have a rather large group of people going, a larger restaurant would probably suit us better than a small one. Then again, we won't be opposed to sitting at different tables!
Thanks so much for your help on this topic that I'm sure gets old for you guys...

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  1. Here's a link to the most current part of one of the ongoing discussions:

    Sounds like House of Banquet might do for you. BTW, carts are no more authentic than menus -- menus are preferred in high-end Hong Kong style places because the dumplings are served at their peak and don't get tough or overcooked circling on a cart. Carts are more fun, though!

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      thanks for the link ruth. however, that link was started in 2006 and, the current discussions don't take budget (current and past discussion on that thread are extremely yank sing centered... and, we just can't afford that), within city limits, and cart requirement into consideration :(
      i agree with you that the carts are definitely more fun :D

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        I think Canton in SOMA has carts, it's cheaper than Yank Sing, and would definitely be big enough for you group. Quality is okay, some stuff better than others. Decor was definitely outdated. But it's about 2 years while since I last ate there.

    2. You might consider spots in Oakland's Chinatown, which is an easy BART ride from San Francisco. There are Legendary Palace and Peony on the high end and a newish spot, New Idea (新煮意), on the lower end, with other places in between. These three place all have carts.

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      1. re: Michael Rodriguez

        City View on Commercial alley in SF is decent. They have carts and good standards like har gow and siu mai. I am generally happy with those solid offerings.. I would also second Canton on Folsom St. for decent standards.

        I would also re-plug Legendary Palace in Oakland for bustling, loud, cart-driven action at value. They have more fringe elements like the hairy pigs knuckles in soy sauce whIch my friend was excited to see. I was not so happy after sampling. But that's the beauty of dim sum, right? You get to try and it doesn't hurt to miss. There is always something on the next cart to please your taste. Oakland Chinatown is also a fun excursion.