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Jun 23, 2012 03:13 PM

Dinner between Loyola U and Rockville

We are attending a conference at Loyola U next Sat. 6/30 and connecting with old friends who live in Rockville. We'd like to find a place sort of halfway in between for a leisurely quiet dinner. One person is vegetarian. Good food, not fancy schmancy. Open to hearing your suggestions. Thanks.

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  1. Victoria gastropub is good on route 100 at route 108 in Columbia. Grace Garden Chinese is fantastic but not much ambiance and is near Fort Meade. Gunnings Seafood is good for crabs and Maryand style seafood and is off route 100 near BWI. Sushi Sono is very good and on the lake in Columbia.

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    1. We live by Loyola and regularly meet our Rockville friends at Bistro Blanc. Great drinks, wines, and food. And if the weather is nice, you can even eat outside.

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      1. The prior suggestions are great. You can find Chowhound threads and blogs on most of them. Grace Garden is really great food, but it's a hole in the wall. Let them know you're a vegetarian and they can leave slivers of meat out of some of the veggie dishes.

        On top of Sushi Sono, Victoria and Bistro Blanc, I suggest that you look at Mango Grove or Royal Taj for Indian. Both in Columbia easy to reach from I-95 Mango Grove has a separate vegetarian kitchen. I love the dosa.

        Other thoughts -- Red Pearl in Columbia for Chinese, or Facci just off Rte 29 for pizza, pasta and other Italian.

        (Because of the vegetarian point, I'm nudging away from barbecue (Kloby's) or Korean barbecue (Shin Chon Garden).)

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          More suggestions to read about... Thanks!

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            11/3/12 Red Pearl in Columbia is closed

          2. Tersiguel's in Ellicott City is terriffic. Not too far off your track and a fine experience

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                We had dinner at Royal Taj Thurs. 6/28 and enjoyed it. Our local friend took lots of leftovers home and had two more meals out of them. We were at Loyola on Fri. night 6/29 for the storm - YIKES! I had made a reservation for Sat. at Bistro Blanc and they called to cancel - no power. We went to the Stanford Grill in Columbia instead. One person had crab cakes, one Cobb salad, one pot roast. All fine. I ordered a variety of grilled veggies. They looked pretty on the plate but had some kind of spicy marinade which rendered them off-the-charts not palatable. Crazy. Two others at the table tasted and agreed. The waitress said they weren't suppose to have any kick to them, took them back and we weren't charged. We ordered a huge chocolate brownie dessert topped with whipped cream and 2 b-day candles for 2 of us. The four of us split it and the waitress comp'd it. The place was very busy and live music a bit to loud for our conversation. Thanks to the Chowhound participants for thoughtful leads.