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Jun 23, 2012 02:48 PM

Need recs...Rte 2 Greenfield area lunch, then 2 dinners and a lunch in North Adams

Leaving Cambridge on a Monday morning in a few weeks. DC and I going to the Porches in North Adams. Figure I will be in Greenfield by lunch. Also would love any recs for North Adams/Williamstown if any updates. Number of CH threads vs. actual # of options pretty much spells out the seemingly great dining scene in such small towns. However, times change and new favorites emerge all the time, so I am all ears...

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  1. I would go to the Hope and Olive in Greenfield. Never have had a bad experience there. The People's Pint also in Greenfield(not sure when it opens during the weekdays) is always a solid, wholesome, reasonably-healthy pub fare (their turkey burger is good enough to make this devout beefeater make the switch). There's a Mexican restaurant called Mesa Verde which is also quite good. Better than the usual cheap eats in a college town Mex. If you want something quick to take out, there's a co-op called the Green Fields Market, and I've had both really good sandwiches and the type of prepared foods you'd find in a co-op market.

    You couldn't go wrong with any of these and they're all smack in the middle of downtown.

    There are going to be people who will tell you to go to the Farm Table in Bernardston, not too far from Greenfield, and while I won't disagree with that... if you're on a timetable and really want to stay close to Route 2 then the travel time might make it an unattractive option.

    1. I would suggest, as I always do, that you stop at the Wagon Wheel in Gill, on Route 2, just east of Greenfield. While I do love Hope and Olive, I probably wouldn't stop there if I were on the way someplace, unless I were really looking for a nice dining experience. Which maybe you are...

      If you are just looking for great food on the way, the Wagon Wheel is the place to go. Or, if you aren't quite hungry enough, I might suggest that you keep going for about 15 minutes up the trail, where you will find an unassuming snack shack on the side of the road at the Big Indian. This place seems to be connected with the Williamsburg Snack Bar, and serves fabulous real lobster rolls on Fri-Sun for $7.50.

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        I second the Wagon Wheel, though I've only had breakfast on the return from my annual pilgrimage to Mariaville, NY.

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          Thank you. I will check these places out. Not sure what time we will hit Greenfield area, can't imagine rte 2 will be all that backed up on a Monday morning. So the wagon wheel has breakfast I take it.

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            If I may ask - what is in Mariaville, NY that is pilgrimmage-worthy?

            (always looking for a new road trip destination...)