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Jun 23, 2012 01:59 PM

Striped bass roe and keriorrhea

Keriorrhea is what occurs when one eats 'white tuna', a sushi industry lie used to market escolar. The symptoms are diarrhoea resembling yellow liquid wax.YUK! So yesterday I cooked a 1/2 of striped bass roe about the size of medium ear of corn at 10" by 2", and got sick the next morning. Sick is defined as inability to avoid having same uncontrollable waxy foul yellow ooze. Amount I ate was 3/4, about 7 ounces it is rich like scrambled eggs, and the cooking method was browned in butter. The glowing accounts of roe eating in this website now take on a different hue. Also it is really difficult to clean up the clothing and bedsheets. I have no other symptoms, the roe was beautiful and fresh smelling. I am thinking that striped bass roe contains the same indigestible waxy esters as the aforementioned escolar. The roe starts out pale pink in the raw state, then pale green as it cooks, I let it get yellow/brown and almost crispy as a slightly overdone omelette. Tasted very good. Anyone else have this happen to them with striped bass roe? In Rhode Island it is a wild fish, salt water origin, known as 'striper'. I have had the red and white filets often, without any incident. Comments, please.

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  1. I've never tried striped bass roe, but you've made it sound so appealing that I'll be sure to search some out!

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    1. re: la2tokyo

      Just make sure you have at least three changes of trousers, washing machine, stain remover, and extra furniture. It is not a low- end meal. Actually, it is decidedly very low-end. Still symptomatic after my meal 24 hours later. Golden drops of fat. like olive oil on water. You may all cringe now. Haiku.

    2. I've never had nor ever have had a hankering to try Striped Bass Roe, but am utterly thankful that Escolar doesn't affect me the way it affects "some" other people (not everyone has a reaction to it). Of course, I follow the rules & never consume more than 4 ounces at a time.

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      1. re: Bacardi1

        Two sashimi slivers, 2"x1/2"x1/8", less than 2 ounces, was all it took last time. And I mean, absolutely the last time, a year ago. But many reactions worsen with repeated exposure. So, it is my assertion that the rules are in doubt. I was well within the escolar rules. This may be the first mention of bass roe also having this effect. This topic is medical thesis material. Oops, got to be going. R.O.Bass.

        1. re: pivulis

          Wow - that's a shame. Escolar is by far my absolute favorite for sushi &/or sashimi. I'd be very disappointed if it disappeared from my favorite Japanese restaurant.

      2. A group of friends and I ate striped bass roe in Boston -- caught that day by the menfolk (three engineers) somewhere in or around Boston Harbor. The skipper was filleting the fish for them when my Italian husband saw to his horror that he was about to toss the heads and roe. Apparently he shielded the fish with his body and cried out that they were wasting the best part. The roe was duly saved and sautéed, consumed by all, with no incidents reported. The fillets were delish, of course, and the next day the heads went into an exquisite fish soup. I'm sorry for your truly awful experience, but our striped bass, roe and all, have become the stuff of legend (in a good way).

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        1. re: mbfant

          So what does Striped Bass roe taste like? I enjoy Shad Roe - is it similar?

          1. re: Bacardi1

            Ex-lax. No, actually they come in pairs only bigger than shad- think of two ears of corn. Tastes like the parent fish, very small grain size, like wet polenta or cream of wheat or grits that are really buttery. Best cooked to the brown stage, any earlier and it is pudding.

          2. re: mbfant

            Maybe sharing it reduced the per-capita dose. I was eating by myself and had about 7 ounces. Can not bring myself to finish it. Want the rest? I froze it.