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Jun 23, 2012 01:53 PM

Where can I find a1 sauce?

My aunt loves this stuff, sadly, our metro, maxi and IGA stop carrying it. Asking chowhound for help!

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  1. I tried last year without success to get A1 in mtl. In the end it was my brother in toronto who got me a bunch of bottles. I really don't understand this lack of A1 in quebec thing.

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    1. re: Lowe Arthorbit

      Yeah, I know. Seems like I have to go to Toronto to grab a few bottles.

    2. I seem to recall seeing it at IGA or Super C. Perhaps WalMart's food section would be your best best. Failing that, I recommend you pick up a bottle of Jamaica's Picapeppa Sauce if ever you come across it. Very much like HP or A1, but with more flavor.

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      1. re: Haggisboy

        That sounds delicious- where can I buy Picapeppa (esp west island!)

        1. re: Gregoso

          On blvd des Sources you can find it readily available at two locations. Marche Victoria and Kim Hoa. Sells for roughly $2.50 a bottle. Not a hot sauce, though it is commonly found in the hot sauce section. It is really the Jamaican variant of HP. The company does make some traditional hot sauces though, but I've never seen them on the West Island (only the brown sauce is available on the WI, it seems). If you want to try the full range of their sauces, your best bet is to head to Les Doucers du Marche in the Atwater Market. Here's the link to their website. Plus, they have one of the nicest labels of any sauce in the business, if that counts for anything.

      2. Vanierstudent,

        A1 and HP are virtually the same thing.

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        1. re: mtlcowgirl

          That's like saying that Coke and Pepsi are virtually the same thing, sure both are steak sauce, but taste different and some people (including me) will not eat one or the other (in my case, I love HP but not A1)

          1. re: mtlcowgirl


            You need to actually try these two (along with others such as Daddies Favourite) before you make such a proclamation.

            For a full breakdown of how the HP and A1 sauce's ingredients differ, refer to this Chowhound thread.


            1. re: mtlcowgirl

              Tell this to my aunt and you will receive an hour long answer on why it isn't the same thing. HP is a bit more vinegary if I'm correct, or it is the other way around.

              I also prefer A1 over HP, although we mostly use it for cooking.

            2. The Metro in Kirkland had a bunch of bottles

              1. I saw both A1 and HP on sale at Boucherie Westmount.Tony tells me that he has A1 in his store year round.While your there order an 1855 Rib Steak.The best in Montreal.

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                1. re: finefoodie55

                  Thank you!

                  Westmount is far for me, but I will make sure to buy some the next time i'm in the neighborhood.