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Jun 23, 2012 08:58 AM

In town next week for Kiwanis Convention -- need avenues for family with children 11, 15 & 18

Email from friend- "I'm going to be in New Orleans next week...arriving Wednesday evening and leaving Saturday. I will be attending the Kiwanis Convention. I was wandering if you have any suggestions for our family while we are there (kids are 11, 15, and 18). I have only been there with adults!"

Any suggestions appreciated!
Thank you :0

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  1. We are hardly kids but the Audoban zoo is always visited by us on our annual trips. Take the trolley to Lafayette cemetery and walk the Garden district. Get a map or book pointing out the homes of the famous. Take in a a Zephyrs game. They are Miami's minor league club. Have not been to the Mardi Gras Museum but it's supposed to be pretty good. Take a class at the New Orleans Cooking school and give them a taste of NOLA's cuisine.

    1. If your request was about food maybe you can narrow the discussion by letting us know what food they will or won't eat. If it's about budget do a search as there have been several good past threads on eating in the French Quarter on a budget.