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Jun 23, 2012 08:48 AM

Need a place to throw a party


I am looking for a place to throw a burthday party for my husband.
25-30 people.
Need suggestions for places in Boston / suburbs.

Would be wonderful if I can get my own drinks.

Not super expensive... cheap-moderate options.

Please help with ideas... really would appreciate any help.

Thanks much !!

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  1. I'm not sure if this is exactly what you had in mind, but you can rent the back room of the Hawthorne in Kenmore Square and I think it would be the right size. Obviously their cocktails are amazing. They're more in the moderate to somewhat pricey range but you could do just drinks and light food and maybe make it work that way.

    1. Eastern Standard right near The Hawthorne also in Kenmore is a good choice with reasonable pre fixe menus for groups with decent choices that should please everyone.

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      1. re: kimfair1

        I think the private area for ESK is in a function room in the hotel, could be wrong.

        1. re: Beachowolfe

          esk has a private room on its main floor that seats about 12-15. you can make arrangements for rooms upstairs.

          to the op: what is your actual price range? $10, $30, $50 pp?

          not sure what you mean by "get my own drinks"? do you mean byob? in that case, that is illegal in boston, sorry.

          1. re: hotoynoodle

            Thank you...

            By bring my own drinks - i was thinking if i could buy beer packs and some bottles from the store - instead of buying from the restaurant itself.
            That way ill save almost 80% on drinks.

            Per person $10 is what i was thinking.

            Thank you.
            Do you know of more places?

            1. re: NGChowhund

              $10pp is going to be hard in a restaurant setting if you want an actual meal. Just doing a catered lunch with basic turkey sandwiches and a bag of chips will run you $10+pp.

              As hotoynoodle suggests, BYOB is illegal in a lot of towns including Boston.

              1. re: NGChowhund

                in that price range, you may be better off ordering a whole roast suckling pig from say Quik Pik or Hong Kong Eatery in Chinatown and having it at your house. Even just pizza would cost $10 pp.

                1. re: barleywino

                  I dont want to do a dinner per say - its more like a dance party with hors-douvres and drinks. and i was thinking of paying a performer ( comedy/dance/something like that ) - to come perform for 30 min and then have some music and dance...

                2. re: NGChowhund

                  Reality check: You're in Boston in 2012 asking to bring your own booze and cover food at a restaurant for $10 per person. You might want to rethink your plan. VWF hall or a friend's nice backyard.

                  1. re: total13

                    Yes, unfortunately I don't think CH is the most appropriate forum for OP's request. Agree with total's suggestion of a hall or backyard space.

                      1. re: NGChowhund

                        even places like a firehouse or vfw will charge you a rental fee for the space -- likely several hundred dollars for just a few hours. have you thought about doing this in a local park?

                        $10 pp is barely enough for sandwiches from some place like au bon pain or fresh city. i'm sorry, but you need to rethink this.

                        1. re: NGChowhund

                          Lions Club in Belmont rents a lovely hall for not that much- around $200 or 250 ( we are Belmont residents so I am not sure if it is a little more for others). They have a lovely big room with round tables and chairs and a big kitchen. We did parties there, brought music, our own food and drink. I know people have also brought in caterers. I think it can hanlde up to 50 people or so.

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