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Jun 23, 2012 07:16 AM

quick question - chicken

It seems I always turn to you guys while prepping for a party and need a quick answer ---
I am making BBQ chicken today - it brined overnight - I want to take it out of the brine to dry for a while and then sear it on the grill and finish it in the oven and then perhaps put it on the grill to give a quick heat when being served.

My question is ---- please help me with the length of time it can sit out. I would prefer to get it seared and then oven cooked and then leave room temp ---- is it ok once it has been fully cooked to do this?

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  1. I would cook it and leave it out on a platter to cool to room temp. Then cover lightly with foil. I have done it many times and everyone has always lived to tell about it!

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      Terrific! Thanks for the quick reply - I am firing up the grill as soon as I get off of here - is it ok to go from room temp to grill for a few minutes after as well? I am assuming absolutely.

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        The USDA says you can leave cooked proteins at room temp for two hours. If you are going to flash the chicken back on the grill and get the outside surface screeching hot before serving, you can probably safely stretch this to about four hours, but I wouldn't go much more than that.

    2. If you're doing barbecue chicken, when will you sauce it or are you only using a dry rub? That will determine whether or not you can quickly re-sear it on the grill the second time.

      Also, this seems like a lot more work than it needs to be and a lot of potential for overcooking the chicken - especially if you're cooking breasts. If you're not concerned about getting a smoke flavor (which wouldn't be barbecue then, but that's another topic), just do it all on a cooling rack over a sheet pan sealed with foil in a 300 degree oven for about an hour and a half.

      Or, do it all on the grill over indirect heat for an hour to an hour and a half.

      If you're not concerned about a crisp skin, you can hold the chicken practically as long as you need to using certain techniques.

      What part(s) of the chicken will you be cooking?