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Jun 22, 2012 09:46 PM

Duck legs

Hanging out in Vancouver for a few days and so far my search for duck legs has come up emtpy. Lots of whole ducks but I just want the legs. Tried T&T and a few other chinese markets but no luck. Any ideas?

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  1. I buy my duck legs at Pacific Exotic Meats in Richmond (Westminster).

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    1. re: fmed

      Gave them a call and they have them at $5.99/pound so decided to buy whole ducks at T&T as they have them on sale right now. Thanks for your help

    2. You could give Big Lou's Butcher Shop a call - they're in Railtown on Powell, a block east side of Main Street.

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      1. re: reiney

        I gave them a call but need to pre-order ahead of time. Also called save on meats on hastings but they want $7.99/pound

      2. Bought some nice ones from Windsor Meats yesterday. $9 / lb I tink.

        1. Saw them at Jackson's today on Granville Island, but they were also $8/pound. At least if you get a whole duck you can render all the fat!

          1. I'm in the valley so I get mine at (, they have everything, and whole duck are about $2.50/lb so legs should be decent. Might be a ways to drive though, so maybe stop at ( for pork on the way there or back?

            Probably out of your way though, sorry.

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            1. re: Jzone

              Thanks for all the help. I have bookmarked some ideas for my next trip. Decided to buy whole ducks for the value and make prosciutoo with the breasts.

              1. re: herbrick

                We do the same sorta thing. Usually get a dozen or so and piece them up. Freeze most of the breasts in meal size packages and make some prosciutto too (yum), confit some of the legs, freeze some of the legs, make pate out of the livers, braise the hearts and gizzards and make stock from the carcasses. Uber ducky goodness :)