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Jun 22, 2012 06:48 PM

Hospital Food

And now for something completely different...

Inspired by this thread:

What hospitals in Philly and the area have good food? The menu bagelman01 was offered looks great, definitely light years ahead of any experiences I've had (which I am fortunate to say are far and few between).

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  1. Unfortunately, I have spent a night or two at CHOP, and while I was not in full Chowhound mode I have to say that the cafeteria did offer a wide variety of choices (prepared sushi, an ice cream bar) and the food was pretty good.

    Also, I used to work near Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, and their cafeteria was a good option for lunch.

    1. OOhhhhhhh, you mean CAFETERIA food. I was thinking PATIENT food. My last experience with that was "breakfast" at Jefferson after minor throat surgery the day before. To my recollection, the soup course of beef boullion was a tad on the salty side and a bit under heated. Next, the main course of Puree of Oats a la Pablum could have used a drop of agave nectar although I doubted it would be handy at the nursing station. For dessert, there was a luminous green liquid resembling Prell shampoo (remember that?) I eventually realized was partially set lime Jello. After this sumptuous repast, I wished to linger over my cup of Lipton while watching "Sunday Morning" except that the resident came in and rubber stamped me "well enough to be booted" and so I was. For this they received NO tip.

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        I wasn't clear in the post, but I actually meant inpatient meals (like the linked thread). However cafeteria quality is worth discussing too.

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          I don't have a ton of experience in hospitals, but had my children at Jefferson and had a close family member at Abington. Both those times, the inpatient food wasn't anything like the thread you link - no choices, very basic and not very good. It would be nice if the hospitals here started that kind of food program.

      2. Abington Memorial Hospital provided varied and somewhat tasty meals, served hot and timely during a recent brief stay. A Chowhound delight, well no, but very satisfactory. The cafeteria always seemed very busy with a big selection of items, some looking tempting and definitely not reflecting any diet restrictions.

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            At Doylestown Hospital you do order off a menu. And you are not restricted to specific meal times. You can order anytime between 6:30 and 6:30pm. Friends of mine who have had surgery there said the food wasn't bad.

            You can see there menu here

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              barryg, For resident meals, yes. Not sure if a visitor can order from those menus. In the cafeteria I only noticed wall menus, not sure about printed menus and ordering.