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Jun 22, 2012 05:11 PM

Is South Street Seaport a complete tourist trap?

Mr. diva really wants to go, but should we plan to eat elsewhere and maybe just have a drink there, perhaps after a visit to the WTC memorial? Is there anything worth eating at the Seaport itself? (We're in NNJ--not hard to get to any part of NYC).


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    1. re: AubWah

      Barbarini Alimentari is ok and I sometimes shuffle down there for a pretty good plate of pasta. It's a five minute walk from the Seaport.

    2. Yep. It's basically a mall.

      1. Cowgirl Seahorse is fun and has great drinks and starters. The entrees can be less exciting, but the rattlesnake bites and other starters are very good. Great choice in tequilas.

        1. Yes it is a tourist trap,,, Yes you should definitely go, the views are incredible, the old buildings are incredible,, The Bodies exhibit ,,actually made me hungry for steak ( sick I know),,,, The carts there are interesting, especially the guy who sells corn,,i think it's Peruvian. He also sells fresh coconuts cut open for real young coconut juice.
          The Beer Garden at the end of the dock,,, is an interesting night spot,,, outdoor plastic couches,,a sand beach ,,,, serve yourself food,, The burgers are bad,,,the lobster roll i didn't like,, the fish tacos weren't that good,,, but 100's of people seemed to love the food. They oysters are good. Drinks would be good there.
          Sea horse ,,I hate,,, I guess some of their fried food is OK,,, the ribs are Ok ,,
          Il Brigante, has very good pasta,, good swordfish,,, good pizza,,, very reasonable,,, on Front Street, It's not amazing,,, what was amazing is that I actually found a decent place to eat in t hat area.. So if you want a good meal I recommend you go to some other neighborhood. But if you are by SouthStreet and are hungry and really want to eat , after a few drinks on the pier,, Go to Il Brigante,, get a bowl of pasta and some caprese salad,,and share a pizza,,you'll be fine.

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          1. re: foodwhisperer

            Thanks all. Foodwhisperer, the reasons you mention are exactly why mr. diva wants to go, plus he read some stuff about the old Fulton St. FM and wants to see that building in particular. So here's a tentative plan:

            Take PATH to WTC and see memorial.
            Eat a big lunch en route to the Seaport.
            Have drinks and snacks at the Seaport.
            Go to LES for a more substantial meal if we need to, or have pizza/pasta at your suggestions nearby.

            Now the question is: where to eat between the memorial and the Seaport? This is the area of Manhattan I'm least familiar with. Is this neighborhood still the FIDI?

            This outing will likely happen on a week day. A lunch prix fixe could be nice, maybe between $20-$30, though we'd also be happy to go to food trucks that FIDI workers or whoever else go to--I've just no idea where such trucks park. Cuisine open, and, thinking about it more thoroughly, creative food trucks could be just the ticket.

            1. re: diva360

              A little bit north of the 9/11 Memorial, and on the other side of the highway, there's a there's big complex w/ North End Grill, Blue Smoke, and Shake Shack.

              The World Financial Center also now has a food truck court but there may be long lines due to all the office workers on their lunch breaks:

          2. for what it's worth, be aware of the free shuttle bus that runs around lower Manhattan. you could easily get from the memorial to the Seaport and out without having to suffer a meal there.

            you could walk form the WTC Memorial to Blaue Gans for their $23 Prix Fixe and then grab the shuttle to the seaport.