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Jun 22, 2012 04:36 PM

Suggestions for Villefranche-sur-Mere (near Nice?)

I will be attending a language school in this tiny town -- in the fullness of time I'll surely create a list of good restaurants, yet if you have been here and have any suggestions, much appreciated (I won't have a car ...)

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  1. The Institut de Français is an excellent experience. You will learn a lot if you apply yourself, including the difference between mer and mère. They will give you information on restaurants in Villefranche, which are touristy, but not bad. The school will have some evening events and you will want to go out with your classmates, in French, I hope. But the weekends are free. You can easily take the 100 bus a short hop west to Nice or all the way east to Menton. There are a lot of threads here on restaurants in that strecth.

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      I've never dined there, but don't miss Renoir's house!