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Jun 22, 2012 04:22 PM

Culver City- coffee for business meeting

I am looking to have a business meeting at a cool spot, non-starbucks preferably, with easy parking. the meeting would take place at 5:30 ish on weekday...any recs appreciated. a few coffee places i checked out close at 6pm, and I am really not looking for a bar...

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  1. Downtown Culver City?
    Free 2 hour parking in the public garages.
    Akasha has a separate cafe serving Intelligentsia coffee.
    L'Epicerie may work too.

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    1. re: citizenx

      Yes l'epicure is awesome! It's a
      European type cafe/drink/eat with that casual multipurpose thing. They have a lot behind the retaurant as well ( tho small) good street parking as well on duquesne. Great espresso drinks, tho you'd also be there for happy hour which has small bites for 4 or 5 and wines and beer cheap too .

      And tho you said no Starbucks, the one in downtown culver sure is pretty. The building is a historic landmark and the outside tables have lively urban ambiance.

      There is also surfas cafe (hours unsure) and consetvatory of coffee ( hours?)

      1. re: citizenx

        Ditto recs for Akasha and L'Epicerie