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Jun 22, 2012 03:38 PM

Unique Food Experience in NYC

A few months back i asked you all for a some special restaurants to take my son (and since my wife) - you provided the following (for those that did not see the post):

Brooklyn Fare - Still trying to get in.
Kajitsu - Still trying to get in.
Danji - going in 2 weeks (does not take reservations)
Jungsik - LOVED IT!!
Red Farm - Going in July
Dans Le Noir - Need to find the right person to go to this with.

Kids are away this summer and wanted to see if anyone could add to this list ... I promise to provide reviews after the meals.

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  1. would you be interested in checking out a supper club?

    City Grit, StudioFeast and A Razor A Shiny Knife are pretty fun.

    not sure if this is of interest, but there's always the over-the-top, Russian all you can eat, vodka-soaked experience of eating while watching while watching acrobats perform amid fog and lasers at Tatiana in Brighton Beach .

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    1. The rooftop at the NoMad.

      1. I didn't see your first thread and the suggestions there, but maybe you'd like Wong and one of the Momofukus? Momofuku Ko is fabulous. Both Wong and Ko have innovative, interesting food. What Danji is to Korean food, Wong is to Chinese / Malaysian.

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          Done KO - loved it! Just made reservations at Wong. Thanks!

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            Neta (by former Masa head chef) for innovative Japanese small plates and sushi?

            Or maybe you'd like to move away from Asian cuisines... Sorry, for some reason that's mostly what's coming to mind.

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              how about the Modern in the Moma?

              Battersby in Carroll Gardens in awesome. They also offer a chef's tasting if you book ahead.

              are you also into hole-in-the-wall, street food, ethnic?

              i think getting caribbean food in crown heights, east flatbush or jamaica queens is quite unique (unless of course you spend a lot of time in the islands or the caribbean parts of Toronto or the UK). whenever i know i'm going to leave nyc for an extended period of time i try to fill up on roti and doubles, which are so amazingly delicious - the outer boroughs board has lots of threads on this topic.

              staten island has the largest sri lankan population in the tri-state area. there are so many great dishes from that little island country. if you can't make it out there Sigiri in the East Village is pretty legit.