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Jun 22, 2012 03:25 PM

Food Cart afternoon crawl

CA hounds looking to get the most out of a couple of hours on Tnursday, July 5.

Research to this point has led me to the area bounded by 9th & 10th SW, and Alder and Washington Sts. Specifically would like some truly innovative things, thinking Korean tacos and BBQ, and some northwest nouveau, ala Viking Soul?. We have a wealth of Mexican and Thai down here, but I am curious about the Khao Man Gai I read about, and would love to hear of any unique Mexican efforts. I gather that pupusas would require a trek out to Division Ave SE.

Lady PB and I are quite adventurous in our tastes but we will probably have a few locals in tow that have likely never experienced the carts, so would like to accommodate them as well. Thinking Tabor might be a good choice?

Look forward to hearing your suggestions.



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  1. Yes, 9th and Alder is the biggest pod and a good destination, though a lot of the carts there are just average - Perfectly fine when you work downtown and want a big $5 lunch, but many of them aren't going to amaze food tourists. Definitely the most choice, though.

    There is one Korean taco place there - not my favorite, but others like it. There are several BBQ places, though it's not really my thing, so I can't recommend one (I know some who love A Little Bit of Smoke, and some who hate it). You actually can get papusas there at Angel's Cabana. Khao Man Gai is a definite highlight there. I also like El Cubo de Cuba (Cuban), 808 Grinds (Hawaiian), Eurotrash (hard to explain, but broadly speaking, European) Noodle House (Chinese hand pulled noodles), Frying Scotsman (fish and chips), Savor (soup) and Shut Up and Eat (flatbread sandwiches).

    Tabor is actually at 5th and... Stark? (I think). It's a short walk though. That pod also has The Swamp Shack (Cajun), Brunch Box (huge burgers - I think they're gross but it's a big tourist draw) and another El Cubo, plus the usual assortment of Thai, gyro, and taco places.

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      Tabor is 5th & Stark. Two down from it is Give Pizza a Chance, nice whole wheat/sourdough crust that is crunchy and chewy, plus handmade sodas.

      On 3rd between Washington & Stark is a new smoked salmon place.