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Jun 22, 2012 03:22 PM

Eat at Joe's in Redondo Beach

anyone been here before, how does it compare to the regular rotation of breakfast and brunch joints?


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  1. not sure how much of the stuff is made from scratch, and you'll probably die an early death if you eat it everyday, but it's enjoyable lowbrow grub. just don't think too much about it.

    actually, i'd rather go to joe's than to the original pancake house. i've never had a good pancake there, though i'd say the same thing about the pancakes at joe's.

    if you leave manhattan beach out of it, chez melange and wildflower cafe are the best breakfast/brunch places near the beach. further inland, there's eat at rudy's and fukagawa.

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    1. re: raizans

      Kindly disagree about The Original Pancake House. Some of the best pancakes in town. Their 49'er flapjacks are my favorites and I just had them yesterday.

      1. re: wienermobile

        i know the 49'ers are supposed to be thin and chewy, but they could also be described as gunky or rubbery. that's also my opinion of the buttermilk pancakes, the dutch baby, and the apple pancakes, of which the latter is nauseatingly sweet. the last two are too heavy and eggy for me, and the buttermilk pancakes aren't as fluffy and buttermilky as i like, though i do like the lemon and powdered sugar you put on the dutch baby.

        they have some of the best waiters ever, though.

        1. re: raizans

          I've been to the OPH a few times since I live close to the place and it always has a crowd outside. Ordered the famous dutch baby, and was looking for a "safe surrender" site to drop the baby off at. I felt it was really too eggy for me. I've had the buttermilk pancakes and thought they were reasonable renditions. I ordered the 49'er flapjacks after reading weinermobile's recommendations and... well, m'eh. I didn't get the chew. I've had the banana pancakes with tropical syrup and they were just okay, nothing special.

          What I thought to be the most interesting thing i ordered was their bacon and cheddar omelet. It was a straight forward presentation... a puffed behemoth on a white plate. I am not sure how many eggs go into it (5 eggs? 2 ostrich eggs... jk) When I ate it, it has really an enormous amount of bacon in it, bordering on the obscene. I initially felt gypped that the omelet only came with a couple of pancakes... no home fries. But, I was stuffed and really couldn't finish it, and I'm a healthy eater and love bacon.

          Now, about EAT AT JOES, I've been a couple of times. The first time I wasn't aware there are two "dining" rooms. One has communal style picnic tables and the other standard tables. I wasn't crazy about the time I ate at the picnic table because for me it was a fairly new concept at the time and I wasn't prepared for it. The second time I went, I sat at the regular tables. My recollection of the food is that it's standard breakfast fare, nothing special, and the portions are such that you're not going to walk out still hungry. They're really proud of their John Wayne special, but that's not my idea of breakfast, so I've never had it. If you go to their website, they have scrolling images of what their food looks like.

          My usual breakfast place in that same vicinity is Good Stuff. I haven't had a bad breakfast there yet. Some less than typical offerings that I've enjoyed is their fitness breakfast (6 egg whites, turkey sausage, brown rice and fruit) and their spicy ground turkey scramble (eggs, jalapenos, tomatoes, cilantro, potatoes... and tortillas but I sub that out for toast).

          1. re: DrBruin

            "...and I'm a healthy eater and love bacon."

            What we have here is both an oxymoron AND a slang use of the word healthy...and just reading that sentence made me laugh out loud for real... ;-D>

            I am still hooked on the pancakes at John O'Groats in WLA (only breakfast and lunch). I've never been to the one in Encino (which I think does dinner too).

            1. re: Servorg

              Servorg what pancake do you recommend at John O'Groats for a first timer?

              1. re: wienermobile

                You can't go wrong with their buttermilk, but I also love their high fiber buckwheat as well as their 7 grain granola and I have a thing for their lemon pancakes (but that is not to everyone's taste I know). But really, try the buttermilk and if you want to add chocolate chips (as I usually do) I ask for no whipped cream and just use sirup. I normally get their 2 pancakes, 2 eggs and 2 strips of bacon. They have great bacon...

                1. re: Servorg

                  Thanks I will be sure to give them a try (I love lemon pancakes too).

                  1. re: wienermobile

                    There is something about the "tart with the sweet" combination of flavors found in the lemon pancakes that really "pets" my taste buds in the right way. I even add chocolate chips to them (gilding the lily to the nth degree). My wife just shakes her head with wonder, awe and sadness (sadness of one observing a "special" husband who is just a little bit twisted) as she watches me devour them. I aim to try their pecan adder the next time I do pancakes at J 'O (and knowing me I'll probably get them with the caramel sauce too) but I think I'll do those with the buttermilk pancakes instead of the lemon. We'll see! (g) What a man does at the privacy of his own table with his own pancakes is still legal as far as I know...

              2. re: Servorg

                Oh, but it isn't an oxymoron, necessarily. For a lot folks, including myself, it's carbs that make us ill, fat, and unhealthy. Since I've been eating more meat and fat (including bacon) my health and bloodwork has much improved.

                Of course, the bacon I eat is direct from a "beyond organic" farm whose farming and animal husbandry practices I trust, I wouldn't eat the commercial stuff nor ever call it healthy.

                1. re: Servorg

                  Glad I brought you a chuckle, servorg... :-) What I meant to say is that I have a good appetite and enjoy bacon, but this may have just too much bacon.