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Jun 22, 2012 02:24 PM

Island Creek Oyster Bar Serves Delicious Food

I had dinner last night with some friends at Island Creek Oyster Bar. I was excited to go with them because I have eaten there a number of times and have always been delighted with the raw oyster selection, menu and the hospitable and knowledgeable waitstaff. We all started off with Margaritas and they make it with an egg white which is interesting and delicious. We ordered lots of raw oysters and little neck clams. Each oyster had it's own unique flavor and we loved them all. We had oyster sliders which went down way too fast. The little brioche rolls they are served on are so cute. I had the lobster and short rib dish which is very rich and I finished it all. My friends cleaned their plates too. We split the donuts which were hard to eat because I ordered such a rich meal but they were eaten up fast. We had a few servers who were friendly and willing to answer lots of questions. It's become a favorite place of mine.

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  1. glad to hear you had such a nice experience, Boston is a much better place for having ICOB

    1. Do short scroll down.. different take,

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        Well I love it! If I could I would eat there three times a week. It's without a doubt my favorite seafood restaurant. The brunch is fantastic too. The bloody mary's are out of this world and the biscuit sausage and gravy is so good it could make you cry.

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          There's no question a lot of people share your view. My experience, unfortunately, was a far cry from yours. But I will give it another shot one of these days and report back. I've yet to see a single complaint about ICOB's raw bar, but I want a place where I can get consistently well prepared fish and other cooked seafood, and I'm not convinced the ICOB is it (albeit based on a single visit).

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            I had the red trout recently which was divine. My husband likes their cod dishes. Tell me where do you go in Boston that blows your mind? I am curious because ICOB blows my mind every time. If you are going somewhere that you think is the best I want to know so I can go too. I will say that I did think you were a bit hard on Island Creek. You are certainly entitled to voice your opinion but I was rather surprised that you did not find more that you liked there. The owner is always there on hand making sure that things are running smoothly and he is always greeting customers. I really feel that they work hard to be the best.

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              For me Island Creek is a big improvement but I think it is far from perfect. I agree with alot of Blumie's assessments. We went once and the staff was so disorganized (albeit well meaning) it made me feel like we were on Candid Camera. I go there knowing it is the best in the area without trekking and dealing with parking at Neptune but I'm in agreement - for me it doesn't hit on all cylinders.

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                so it's not okay for people to disagree?

                1. re: cherrytomato

                  Can you point to something I said in my post that you thought was overly harsh? On the contrary, I think my post was very balanced.

                  Rendezvous, in Central Square, Cambridge, is a good example of an upscale casual restaurant that does a consistently excellent job. A search will reveal a thread I started about them. Unfortunately, I have yet to find a seafood-centric place that fits the bill. B&G has come closest for me, though I haven't been in a couple of years. Time to go back.

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                    I thought Blumie's post was very well balanced...and thanks for mentioning Rendezvous, Blumie, because while I can't afford to eat there often and can't afford the main courses, I do love the tapas on Monday nights and I have yet to have a tapa that didn't blow me away...except for the sardines, and that was my fault for ordering sardines, as my memory was I do not like them. However, my DCs loved them and ate it all up. Sometimes Steve Johnson (who is always there taking care of the food and the guests) will add an an extra special cheese he found....the bluefish cakes are amazing, sometimes it's bluefish he caught himself. The tapas are really well thought out and sourced and I'd go every Monday night if I could. And you can make your tapas seafood-centric....

                    1. re: Blumie

                      you said in your post " I am sorry if I am being overly critical" It was the impression that I got from your post. I guess the title of your post "first meal at ICOB, not great" Sometimes I feel when a place gets great praise and people are really loving it someone feels the need to say that they don't think it deserves the hype. I have had so many great meals there that truly I hate to see when people bash them because I think they work really hard to be as great as I think they are. I am sure that it is hard work to feed and service all of those customers especially when some are trying to make it to Fenway on time for a game. You did say some nice things in your original review but when you said that it would be a while before you would decide to return kind of rubbed me the wrong way. It's good to disagree and I am sure that it is helpful to people searching for delicious food. I just wanted to let others know that I think it's a special place. It's wonderful food and it's a casual atmosphere which is nice. It's a great representation of Boston and our restaurants and no attitude.

                      1. re: cherrytomato

                        cherrytomato, my first meal at ICOB was not great. Is there another way you would recommend I should have said that in the title of my thread? And where do you see me bashing them at all? I also never say that it would be a while before you would decide to return.

                        I'm sure they work very hard. But the night I was there the food was disappointing. I'm sorry if you find that disappointing yourself. Feel free to have, and to share, a different viewpoint, but I don't appreciate your mischaracterizing what I wrote.

                    2. re: cherrytomato

                      also, Oleana in Cambridge always blows my mind. I get only the mezze/small plates.

              2. 5:30 reservation Christmas Eve. Place packed, but coats whisked away & seated immediately at a table w/plenty of elbow room. Had the crisp, dry Muscadet & DC their usual Scotch. 1 piece of the fresh, housemade bread w/sweet & salty cayene-honey butter to save room for me. DC delighted to take rest of ample basket home. Dozen delicious chilled, briny Duxbury oysters to start. We both, independently, ordered the lobster roe pasta w/short ribs, lobster & chanterelles. If we could have licked the bowls, we would have. Almost forgot the side of roasted criminis - scrumptous. Service was seamless, attentive and cheerful. Great vib in this large, festive room. A friendly, vibrant place for a spec'l holiday meal.