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Jun 22, 2012 02:03 PM

dinner to go from grand central market?

I walk through the grand central market on the way home and I am wondering if any of you have suggestions for an easy dinner I could pick up from the market for two non-vegetarians. I am vegetarian and we keep a veg. household generally, so I have no clue how to go about this. But my mother-in-law is visiting and I'd love to get some fish/seafood/meat that can be easily (like in 5 minutes) reheated and ready to eat while I put the baby to sleep. What's especially good and easy for a casual dinner? For myself, there are dinner options at home.

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  1. We do this often, i.e. buy prepared/cooked dishes from the Wild Edibles store for our weeknight dinner at home. We like the fried sole, tilapia, poached salmon and sometimes have them shuck a few oysters as well. We reheat the fishes in the oven.

    1. Yes, Wild Edibles, for seafood, may be your best option. Pricey. Very good quality. Yet, we have found most of thier prepared dishes (we have tried just a few) decidedly bland

      Dishes, also in the Mkt, has many prepared food options. Good cornish hens, side dishes, etc. Likewise Cerillio has prepared foods.

      The breads and desserts at Eli's are very good. Excellent babkas, though also expensive. Great brioche rollsm black n white cookies, etc.

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        Thank you both. I ended up getting cod cakes from Wild Edibles and a quiche from Dishes, and rounded off the meal with a very quick salad with some arugula. Worked out marvelously.