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Jun 22, 2012 01:43 PM

Duck eggs

Does the vendor that sells duck eggs still appear at the Alemany Farmers' Market on Saturdays?

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  1. Did you find any there yesterday?

    If not, some of the Whole Foods stores have duck eggs from Salmon Creek in Bodega.

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      I ended up not going, since originally I was only going to visit the farmers' market along the way to the Cow Palace... Cow Palace event got canceled, so I skipped the market.

      Thanks for the info... I'll check the Whole Foods up the street from my home... :)

    2. Not what the OP asked for, but Yasai Market in Rockridge sells duck eggs. I'd never noticed them before, but it confirms my opinion that it's the place to look for out of the ordinary asian ingredients in that part of town.

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      1. re: calny

        Berkeley Bowl has duck eggs on the shelf!.I got them at the BB west yesterday. They're from Murdock's in Winters.

      2. Harley Farms has duck eggs. (Not sure if it's a regular thing, though.) Also the first feta of the season was available. Delicious, subtle, not too salty.

        1. Not always, but the Alemany stand had them last Saturday (July 7).

          1. new may wah has them, all the way in the back next to the greens