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Jun 22, 2012 01:30 PM

Local Milk (Willow Grove, PA)?

Any suggestions as to where I can get fresh, local milk (preferably raw) near Willow Grove, PA?

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  1. There may be places closer, but here is one in Newtown PA. About 30 mins from Willow Grove.

    1. I think Maple Acres in Plymouth Meeting sells their own milk.

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      1. re: jujuthomas

        +1 on Maple Acres. Easy jaunt from WG, and they have marvelous produce as well.

        Skippack Pike (rt 73) to Narcissa Road (about 2.5 miles)
        Left onto Narcissa & follow it all the way to the farm, about 2.2 miles.

          1. re: cwdonald

            not sure if it's raw milk or not, tried to check but their website seems to be down. the phone number is (610) 828-7395

            they are also on facebook.

      2. Not sure about raw...but first thing came to mind is Merrymead farm store in Worcester and Freddy Hill Farms in Lansdale.

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        1. re: Adenn1

          Merrymead is not raw milk, but it is very good!

        2. I live in Hatboro and weekly make a trip to Birchwood in Newtown for milk, eggs and cheese. Worth the $ I pay in gas and the price I pay for the products.

          1. Your Family Cow in Chambersburg has wonderful raw milk. I know it's not close to you, but, their milk can be found in some groceries. They also deliver to drop points. You can look at the website to see if any are near you.