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What's Your Favorite "Food" Movie?

I just watched "Eat, Drink, Man, Woman," by Ang Lee, set in Taiwan and loved it. Not only is it a good story well told, but the food, my God, the food! It reminds me of a Chinese version of "Big Night" in that respect, but it gets even more into the food preparation. It reminds you of how important Chinese cuisine and technique is.

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  1. Tampopo! Sensual food scenes and a great "noodle western" theme.

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        Yeah, I was just going to say - didn't we just have a long, long, LONG thread on this very, very, very recently? I have a feeling that the search function here is woefully unused.

      2. Would have to say "The Big Chill"... old college friends spend weekend together after attending funeral for friend who committed suicide. Don't know if true but read/heard that the body was Kevin Kostner??

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          Yes, there were some scenes shot with him but they were cut out. All that remain are the opening credits. To make it up to him, Larry Kasdan wrote the part of Jake in Silverado for him.

        2. Jiro Dreams of Sushi and Babettes Feast

          1. I recently watched 'Romantics Anonymous', a charming French comedy nominally about a chocolatier. Not a ton of food stuff, but fun. Streaming on Netflix.

            1. I just watcher Toast on netflix streaming,interesting historical perspective on food.
              very enjoyable.

              1. I recently watched the food doc, Food Stamped. Smart and fascinating look at how 1 in 8 people work with food stamp guidelines in order to eat each day...and the challenge to eat healthy. The couple who documented their journey hit on some very interesting debates.

                1. I second "Eat,Drink,Man,Woman"! The opening scene was just awesome... a real showcase of the complexity of Chinese cuisine. Recently watched Jiro dreams of sushi and I enjoyed it alot too.

                  1. Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle

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                        Aren't you thinking of "Scarf Face," one scrappy young Cuban immigrant's fight to the top of the competitive eating world?