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Jun 22, 2012 01:22 PM

Any Experience with Friday nights at Brooklyn Brewery?

Visiting NYC soon and it works best for us to plan to visit the brewery on a Friday.

Website says that lines start forming at 5...for the 6pm open.

There's just two of us and we don't mind the crowd, but wondering if this is something we should really plan to go early for or if we arrive around 6 will we be ok...

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  1. I'd say earlier is better. At late hours it turns into a bit of a mess - loud music and a surprisingly frat-boy kind of vibe. However it is definitely worth your time to go. Some fantastic beers on offer, including some rare ones. If you go for the Belgian bottle pours you get a very nice tulip glass.

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      I go a few times a year, I would say it depends on the day. Most of the time it is hipster central as it is in Williamsburgg.

      1. re: MVNYC

        That was my recollection, so it was pretty surprising to see the scene on our last visit.

    2. You should be fine showing up at 6. The line won't be too bad. You can have beer at Mugs a couple of blocks away before or after if you want. They have a good selection

      1. great...thanks for the response. This helps. Will just plan to get there at 6.

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          If you have been on other brewery tours don't bother with this one. Nothing different.

          Also you can get a glass to keep if you order one of their bottled beers. Plus you can use that to drink out of the rest of the night as opposed to plastic cups