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Jun 22, 2012 01:14 PM

BBQ alert: Apex Pig Fest

I just found out that tomorrow (Saturday, June 23), downtown Apex is hosting a new BBQ event. The "Peak City Pig Fest" will feature official BBQ judgings under the auspices of the Kansas City Barbecue Society.

Full details are online at

Entertainment and slow smokin' starts Friday night. Saturday will include things such as music acts and pig races along with judging in several food categories.

The website says they are expecting 10,000 people on that little stretch of downtown Salem Street. For the life of me, I can't figure out how they plan to handle that kind of crowd size in terms of parking, portapotties, and simple access to vendors! But in case you want to brave the crowds, please report back.

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  1. I think most everyone agrees the event was a huge success. I found it very easy to park beside the ball fields off Hunter Street with a short walk to the festival area.

    I arrived just after 12:30PM Saturday. By then the organizers had distributed all of the free tickets to sample the competitors' foods. So I hung out with some friends who were competing in BBQ for the very first time and sampled their ribs, shoulder and brisket. They placed in the sauce judging, and about 2/3rds of the way down the pack of 30 entrants in the KCBS judging. Here are the judges' results.

    A few random notes:
    My friends were next to a team that came all the way from California to enter this event.
    There are chicken and beef for those who do not intake swine.
    This is not a whole hog Eastern Carolina style event.
    For a first attempt at what planners hope to be an annual event, it was a tremendous success, but of course they saw ways to make future events better.
    Next year I'll arrive well before organizers distribute the tasters' tickets.