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Jun 22, 2012 01:11 PM

playing with my new pressure canner

I got a whole chicken - and fryed it up a bit in the skillet, then pressure cooked it.

It was so moist and full of flavor.

Then I used the carcass and left it overnight in the crock pot on low with some veggies to make stock.

And canned the stock!

Holy efficiency! I love it! Any other ideas for this amazing new piece of magic!? I can't wait until my garden is ready, I'm going to can, can, can. :)

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    1. Not to hi-jack your thread - but could you please tell me what size pressure cannner you have, and is it adequate so far? I am two clicks away from making a decision....

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      1. re: jeanmarieok

        haha No worries! I got the Presto 23 qt - here: It's super easy so far, I've had no issues with it. I hear this is a good price for it, as it's marked down right now I guess? That's why I got it now - I was waiting until a week before tomato time, but decided what the heck, if it's on sale and I can figure out other things to do with it, might as well.

        1. re: justlearning

          I've been using that model for ten years or more and have had no problems.

          1. re: justlearning

            I have the Presto as well, but I also have a weighted-gauge jiggler type as well, similar but not identical to this one:


            and to be honest, I use the latter type much more frequently. They are more accurate and easier to maintain and use. All you have to do is listen for the jiggler; if your flame is a little too high it lets off steam, whereas if you go too high on the dial type you never know until it explodes (just kidding; there's a relief plug. But you have to sit and stare at the dial to make sure it is just right and stays just right).

            The plastic cover on the dial gauge of my Presto popped off after about a week.

        2. I canned my own dried beans, for convenience. Other than that, my pressure canner is used for canning stocks.