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Jun 22, 2012 12:41 PM

BBQ off of 1-10?

Hi there,
I will be taking a road trip next month from Phoenix to Florida via the I-10. I'd like to get some bbq on the way-and looking for somewhere not too far off the grid. Anywhere else we need to stop? Not to worried about Mexican food, since we live in Arizona, but willing to stop anywhere extra good!



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  1. Between Houston and San Antonio (much closer to San Antonio) get off at the exit to Luling. There and the next town North (Lockhart) have the best BBQ in the state. Search this forum for specific recommendations.

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      " There and the next town North (Lockhart) have the best BBQ in the state"

      Franklin's in Austin would like to have a word with you. :P

      1. re: twyst

        I have heard great things about Franklin's, but for the OP, it would be a much longer detour, I doubt they want to wait in line for hours and Austin is much farther from I-10 than Luling.

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          I didnt take issue with your suggestion, just the assertion that it was the best BBQ in texas!
          Lockhart and luling are definitely the best suggestions fort the OP!

      2. Do not be tempted to get off the 10 at Junction, TX for Coopers. Continue 3 hours to City Mkt at Luling. BTW take 1604 East to avoid San Antonio and regain the 10 again on the east side.

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          Another strong recommendation for Luling and City Market. It's only a couple of miles off of the interstate and easy to find and plenty of parking. Plus, you get to drive past the decorated oil pump jacks that are one of the city's signature claims to fame (particularly fun if you're traveling with kids), along with barbecue and watermelon. The only tricky bit is that as you drive north on 183 in "downtown Luling," you'll see a barbecue restaurant with a great big sign that says "Luling Barbecue" on your right. Do not be fooled. That's not the one you want. The one you want is basically right across the street, with an old weathered sign that says "City Market." Get some brisket (I like the moist best, but it's fatty; other family members prefer lean, so we get a little of each) and hot links to eat there, and some more to put into your travel cooler. The hot links are great to snack on in the car, with crackers and cheese. And, another chowhound says they always take a small toaster oven with them when they travel, and get plenty of barbecue at someplace like City Market so that they can reheat it in their hotel rooms later. A brilliant idea. Some things just don't reheat well in a microwave.

          And, while at City Market, keep in mind that it started life as a market, not a restaurant. You don't go in and sit down and wait to be served. When you enter the building, look all the way back to the right-hand corner and you'll see an old door. The smokers are in there. You go in and order your meat by the pound and pay for it back there. Be sure that you close that door behind you as you enter or you'll immediately brand yourself a neophyte and people will have to tell you "close the door." Then, after you get your meat, you come back out and grab yourself a table and, if you want any drinks or "fixings," you order and pay for them at the counter in the middle of the store. It will help keep you from being disappointed with the "sides" if you remember that the sides are not the reason you came.

          Also, I've driven that route a lot, and I very strongly recommend a stop at Old Mesilla just west of Las Cruces. Depending upon where I'm coming from, I always try to stop for the night there, so I can eat a great meal at either the Double Eagle (steaks & chops, etc.) or La Posta (Mexican) both of which are in historical buildings that are something to see all by themselves, although completely different. Also, we like to wander around the plaza a bit.

          I don't know if you're accustomed to New Mex/Mex, but it is different from Arizona-style "Mexican" food (I used to live in both Tucson and in several towns in New Mexico). At La Posta, I always get the green chile enchiladas, which are stacked. For a long time, Green Chile Enchiladas weren't on the menu, and you just had to ask. But the last time I was through there, it was.

          Even if you decide not to eat at the Double Eagle, you should at least walk through to see the building. Don't feel weird about it - it happens every day, and the waitstaff is so accustomed to it that they'll give you a little mini guided tour.

          One of many decorated Luling oil pump jacks:

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            Ditto on the point about hitting City Market NOT Luling Barbecue. We love City Market.

        2. Excellent BBQ about 100 yards north of 10 at

          Junction Tx. Which is about 1 1/2 hours west of San Antone...... It is on us 83 on the west side.
          I am not talking about the places that come up on google that are south of 10 at Junction, I suppose
          this place does not give google a bribe
          Pablito el gordito

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            What's the name of the specific place you're recommending?

            (From your post, I thought it was "Paul the Little Fatty," but it turns out that's you.)

            1. re: Jaymes

              That would be Coopers. I'm not gonna say anymore.

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                There's a Cooper's in New Braunfels but haven't tried it yet. I agree with the Luling -Lockhart recommendations. Black's and Smitty's in lockhart are both near the Caldwell County courthouse. Black's is down a side street, and Smitty's is a building near the courthouse.I believe both places have websites, and there is also Kreuz's Market and a couple of othere bbq joints.Maybe in the fall when it's not so hot i'll try City market in Luling. People have mentioned Louie Mueller's in Elgin? can't recall what town it's in,but you can Google these places.There is also in the town of Gonzales, Gonzales City market,which opened a branch on the east side of San Antonio.They too have a website.Usually when I've gone to Gonzales, it was down US Hwy90 Alternate.You can look at their website and see if it is too far off the beaten path from IH-10 or not.I have read some reviews of the place and it seemed to have gotten good marks,another place for me to try in San Antonio sometime.

          2. Thank you for the suggestions! We drove straight through from Phoenix to Pensacola, and unfortunately hit Texas (the places that we wanted to eat at) at a strange time, when everything was closed, and had to rely on packed sandwiches. We stopped at H&H Carwash that morning from other suggestions, and I was pretty disappointed, but that's for another thread! On the way back we were so tired and cranky we only made one stop again - City Market in Luling, and it was so good that we're contemplating another roadtrip just to go back! We had the sausage, brisket, and ribs, and all of them were awesome. Smokey, tender, and just right. The sausages were also very good - loose meat, smoked links, and we took several to tide us over for the ride back (but not enough!) Thanks for the suggestions everyone! I look forward to heading back that way and trying some more of the suggestions!

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              Thanks so much for reporting back. City Market is one of my favorites so I'm happy to hear that they treated you well!!!