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Jun 22, 2012 12:18 PM


A friend and I are throwing a fundraiser for charity in which we cook up a whole bunch of pig in a bunch of different ways then have a big party and charge at the door. BUT i need some inspiration for the dishes. Ideas?

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  1. You should probably ask for this to be moved to home cooking.

    1. How many people? What sort of amenities? A whole pig broken down or just pieces? Is there a grill handy? Smoker?

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        I've got a whole pig, already broken down. We did it last year and had about 60 people. We host it in a bar and bring in chafing dishes/warmers to hold food. Last year the menu was:

        Pulled pork sandwiches
        Asian pork meatballs
        Spiced pork empanadas
        Cuban pork hash
        Pork curry with mango

        Coleslaw two ways
        Cut veggies
        Quinoa salad

        Peanut butter & bacon truffles
        Bacon & bourbon pecan brownies
        Chocolate chip cookies

        We can grill & smoke on site as well.

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          I'd consider picking a theme. Last year's menu looks great, but is a pretty "around the world" type thing. If you focused on a region, then you could also gin up support for next year, when you could choose another reason. Asian, Southwestern, French, American BBQ, etc.

      2. I recently made a recipe using slab bacon. Michael Voltaggio created the recipe and used it to win an elimination challenge on Top Chef.

        These cookies are chocolate chip with dried cherries and bacon. They are really good.

          1. I assume you're getting a whole hog or two for this?? So you need ideas for all the parts??

            Sweet & spicy glazed pork belly - since your bellies won't be smoked & cured, might as well use te best part of the pig for this. Note, you need to dry rub them in spices & kosher salt for a day first, then braise in some fresh oj & chicken stock for about three hours, then glaze with the spice mix combined with the fresh oj and some maple syrup. It's heavenly.

            The obvious spare ribs, shoulder roast for carnitas, you can even use a few different parts to make a phenomenal porchetta roast.
            Crispy pig tails & pig ears
            Use the jowls for guanciale! But if you have no time to do ahead, I'd braise them & serve with a pasta or in a ragu
            Put the trotters in a soup
            Put the hocks in a smoker and shred into some slow cooked collard & turnip greens

            Obviously a lot of this has to be done ahead. Sounds awesome though!!

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              Is fun to have the whole hog - an embarrassment of riches! Thanks for the ideas - especially on the more "interesting" parts!