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Jun 22, 2012 11:59 AM

Vegetarian recipes for the summer? [moved from Home Cooking board]

there is local vegetarian restaurant in which I would love to cook just like!!!
and some of their menu is perfect for the summer!!!
here it is some things from their menu
does anybody have any similar recipes?

Plantains Pacific Rim~
Crispy smashed plantains surround a savory parfait of wasabi crema, mango papaya salsa & sesame-soy black bean hummus.

Blue Corn Asparagus Tacos~
Grilled asparagus, tomato-almond pesto with jack cheese in a griddled blue corn tortilla. Served with black eyed pea salsa, a drizzle of ancho chile crema & spring mix in a chile lime vinaigrette.

Green Curry Summer Rolls *
Not fried rice paper roll encases baby spinach, thai bbq glazed vegetables, mango & red pepper. Served with soy syrup, dipping oils & baby arugula, cucumber, beet & red grapefruit salad.

Four toasted mini brioche buns with basil aioli, yellow tomato-avocado salad, maytag bleu. Served with cooked to order frites.

Adobo Goat Cheese Nachos~
Fresh blue corn tortilla chips with smokey adobo black beans, roasted corn, grilled julienne red peppers, ovendried cherry tomato halves, creamy roasted onion goat-monchego queso.

Maitake Buckwheat "Dim Sum"
Mini buckwheat "silver dollar" panckaes, sweet red chile glazed maitake mushrooms, wasbai crema, diced avocado.

Buddha Crunchy Tacos *
Three crispy white corn tacos filled with avocado, peanuts, cucumber, onion sprouts in special Asian taco sauce. Served with watermelon jicama slaw, poblano-lime mojo.

Pad Thai*
Soba noodles in sweet - lightly spicy tamarind glaze, purple fingerling potatoes, bocolini & many herbs. Topped with crunchy watercress candy strip beet salad & chopped peanuts.

Blue Plate
Pine nut crusted roasted garlic glazed portobello skewers, smoked sweet potato mash with grilled avocado succotash salad.

Indian-inspired khorma of red lentils, butternut squash & leeks in a mild house curry. Topped with savory sweet corn fritters & fresh mango-papaya relish.

Cubano Supper*
Flaky plantain pastries stuffed with sunflower seed-smoked red pepper pesto surround tower of yellow tomatoes & avocado corn salsa. Served with chipotle jicama slaw & mango-papaya relish.

Sonoma Sampler~
Tabouleh grain salad of black beluga lentils & winter wheat berries, roasted corn, cucumber & pistachios. Surround watercress in pear walnut vinaigrette, heirloom beets, grilled red pepper - pita topped with hummus,guacamole & baba ghanoush. Goat or Feta cheese upon request.

Quesa Yukon
Chile wrap encases yukon potatoes, sauteed leeks, provolone & asiago cheeses, smoked sweet carrot reduction glaze. Served with lime crema, poblano-pumpkin seed pest, baby arugula salad.

Quesa Havana~
Griddled whole wheat tortilla encases adobo black beans, cilantro, fresh mango and jack cheese. Served with avocado-roasted corn salsa & baby greens in chile lime vinaigrette.

Quesa Rustica
Griddled spinach quesadilla encasing a filling of rustic vegetable grille mix with fresh basil & smoked mozzarella. Served with black bean salsa & a drizzle of ancho chile crema.

El Fino~
Griddled spinach wrap encases grilled pears, maple pecans, gorgonzola, grilled onions, baby greens & dairy free carmelized onion mayo. Served with spring mix in pear-walnut vinaigrette, oranges, roasted baby yellow beets & sundried cranberries..

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  1. When everything is super great in summer, I make a casserole of all things. Layers of THIN sliced veggies... tomatoes, zukes, onions, peppers, mushrooms... whatever I have on hand. Between layers, I'll put generous amount of cheddar cheese (again on top as final layer) and home-made or store bought seasoned croutons. WHole thing goes on the grill, next to whatever "meat" I'm cooking. Since everything in it can be eaten raw, really only has to be heated up... but like the cheese melted/browned on top. One of those things that tastes even better as a left-over.

    1. One of the good things about eggplant is that it has a meaty texture. I love Stir-fried Roasted Eggplant, from Deborah Madison's Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone. It can be served as a pasta sauce, a relish, a cold side, or a sandwich/bruschetta topping.

      CHOW's recipe for Red Pepper Eggplant Tomato Sauce is also excellent. I like to julienne the vegetables on a mandoline, for a more meaty mouth-feel, and I do start it by browning 4 oz of diced pancetta, but that's for 4 qts of sauce.

      1. Yellow summer squash sliced up with a lot of sliced onion and mixed with a bag of shredded Cheddar cheese, baked. I cover it with foil for the first 45-60 minutes to make sure the onions get done and then uncover it for browning.

        Big grilled Portobello mushroom caps served with steak sauce as if they were steak.

        Low-cal low-carb gazapacho made by processing 4 large peeled tomatoes, a cucumber, an onion, and a green pepper, added to a 46-oz can of tomato juice and seasoned with olive oil, vinegar, salt, garlic, and plenty of cumin. Makes a lot, keeps a week in the refrigerator, and since about the only calories are in the olive oil, which gets spread out over more than a half-gallon of gazpacho, you can guzzle it ad lib and ice cold.