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Jun 22, 2012 10:09 AM

Gourmet Restaurant near Pheonixville/Royersford/Collegeville

My anniversary is Monday and I want to take my wife out to dinner someplace nice. We live in Royersford, but don't want to travel more than 15 minutes each way.

As far as taste, I love spicy food but my wife hates spicy food - I hate sweets. my wife loves sweets. Especially a really good Crème brûlée.

A place with a good wine list is a must. I'm a Paso Robles Cab Sav and old vine zin snob. My wife, not much into wines. She only likes the sugar laden fruit wines that are so sweet, they'd literally make me vomit. You could give her a 50/50 mixture of grape juice and corn syrup and put it in an expensive bottle and she'd think it was good.

The only must is that it be under $700 for two people and it has parking or valet.

A BYO isn't really fun because I love my pre-dinner martini and after dinner grappa or scotch.


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  1. One place to consider is Creeds in Valley Forge. Its on the outer limit of your 15 minute drive time. Seafood and steaks. And they are open on Mondays. Very good wine list that you can see online, as well as a full bar. I have not had desserts there but they have a creme brullee on their menu. Maybe not the most exciting cooking, but it is independent, and does meet most of your criteria.

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        1. A little outside your desired driving limit is the Dilworthtown Inn, just outside West Chester. Their wine list is among the best in the area.

          1. Unfortunately, being from the same area, that's a really tall order to ask for within ~15 mins of Rofo. By mentioning a $350 PP cap, that's suggesting you want an experience that I'm not sure the area really offers - not only good food and drinks, but fine dining level of service. I'm struggling to think of where one would be able even touch $250 PP, except some of the chain steakhouses in KoP that I personally find boring and way overpriced (and largely missing the service of fine dining). You are also really limiting your options on a Monday - that's a day that most higher-end restaurants are typically closed.

            As you noted... what the area does have is some good food-focused but more-casual-than-fine-dining atmosphere BYOs (thinking Majolica, Birchrunville Cafe, Funky Lil Kitchen, Blackfish - if you can push to a 25 min commute w/o traffic).

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              I had the same thought regarding the $700 limit. But then I realized that a truly great bottle of wine, a pre-dinner martini and an after-dinner scotch can drive the tab up that high. The OP clearly isn't interested in a BYO, even though the BYO option also allows for bringing in one's own pre and post-dinner libations. We've done that on many occasions, particularly when we're celebrating at Birchrunville Store Cafe (which, IMHO offers the best fine-dining experience in Chester County).

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                Exactly, well said, bsims76. ( but Majolica??? , 80's phony French) My god what am I missing?

                GT, May I suggest that you spend some bucks on a limo and pick one of the upscale restaurants in Philly, check them for your wines, it is your best shot in the area. Or take that limo an hour & 1/2 north to Manhattan. If you can't make it there, you can make it anywhere! As noted what you seek is not going to be found in your designated area. And should you find it please tell us where that might be!